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 + =====Additional Information about Dana Sobel's talk(s)=====
 +//This information provided by Gary Patrick on August 30, 2019//
 +I became quite captivated by the "Constructing the Glass Universe" talk by what Ms. Sobel said about her experiences writing her book;
 +hence all the time markers to guide others. 
 +Best regards,
 +On August 28th, the Lexington Computer & Technology Group met to view the talk given by Ms. Dava Sobel to Google employees 
 +in Seattle, Washington, about the subject of her book The Glass Universe,  
 +It runs about 48 minutes. It is about the group of women employees at the Harvard Observatory from the 19th into 
 +the 20th century who analysed telescope photographs of the stars, and performed calculations, star classification, 
 +and cataloging of the data.
 +A friend in town, Dan Schwartz, who is a research scientist at the Harvard Observatory (now named the Harvard 
 +Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), alerted me to another talk Ms. Sobel gave, there, in 2017: "Constructing 
 +The Glass Universe," that is more about the process of writing The Glass Universe.
 +  It runs about 1 hour 7 minutes, including a Q&A
 +section at the end.  I listened through this and noted parts of it that are different from her talk at Google.
 +Here are some of those instances of different insights (with time-points to jump to, minutes:seconds)
 + 9:00  thoughts about how to write a book "about a roomful of people" (referring to a photograph in the 
 + archives of all the staff, gathered together for that purpose).
 +10:00  about writing a proposal for a publisher.
 +15:00  Henry and Anna Draper's philanthropy, and Henry's development of photographic technique.
 +20:00  the Drapers' Science Park at Hastings on Hudson, New York; and Henry's letters.
 +22:00  about Antonia Maury, Henry Draper's niece, also an astronomer, and her classification system.
 +26:00  talking about doing reseach in a number of library archives. 
 +36:00  Edward Pickering's and Anna Draper's letters they saved, and politeness in the 19th century.
 +38:20  Ms. Sobel made an index of words she used (mostly of adjectives) so as not to overuse any in
 + her writing.
 +47:00  Kate St.John's song about Henrietta Leavitt, "Angel of Harvard." (playing an MP3 recording).
 +50:00  beginning of Q&A section. more about the personal letters.
 +57:00  was employment of women unusual?  Inequality of pay scale was brought up, but Professor Pickering
 +         did not budge. 
 +At our Wednesday meeting there was interest in identifying more completely the theatrical plays Ms. Sobel mentions 
 +as predecessors to her writing the book.  By Google searches I found:
 +   a) The Silent Sky, by Lauren Gunderson, about Henrietta Levitt.
 +      (performed by Merrimack Theatre, Lowell, and Central Square Theater, Cambridge, in 2017?)
 +   b) The Women who Mapped the Stars, by Joyce Van Dyke, (performed by the Nora Theatre Company
 +      in 2018).  reviews by theater critics are available.
 +   c) Insignificance, by Terry Johnson, a comedy, about Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio,
 +      and Senator Joe McCarthy set in 1954, written in 1982. The most recent performance of it 
 +      seems to be by the Nora Theatre Company, at Central Square Theater, Cambridge, MA, in 2014.
 +      So clearly this is not about the Women of Harvard, but Ms. Sobel may mean it influenced her 
 +      thinking about the issue of adequate recognition of achievement.
 + - by Gary Patrick, 8/29/19.</file>
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