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 +Sing to the tune "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"
 +Stay away form the pack, Jack
 +Don't visit your Gran, Stan
 +Wipe down every toy, Roy
 +To keep virus free
 +Don't hop on the Bus, Gus
 +Don't obsess on CNN, Gwen
 +Don't hoard the TP, Lee
 +Stay virus free
 +Sneeze into your sleeve, Steve
 +Stop touching your face, Grace
 +Keep back six feet, Pete
 +Heed the CDC
 +Just use the Purell, Mel
 +Keep wipes in your purse, Nurse
 +Take care of your stock, Doc
 +You need the PPE
 +This isn't Spring Break, Jake
 +Stay home if you're sick, Dick
 +As COVID leaps, peeps
 +Just follow the rules, fools
 +And stay virus-free
 +(Based on a posting by C. Courtney and via L. Gumina)
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