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 |Alewife to Microsoft Burlington|shared $21-24|pool $23| |Alewife to Microsoft Burlington|shared $21-24|pool $23|
 |Riverside to MassBay|shared or personal $9-12|pool $8| |Riverside to MassBay|shared or personal $9-12|pool $8|
 +===Notes on Driving to Microsoft in Burlington===
 +Microsoft is at the 5 Wayside Rd building.  Here are some suggestions from a group member (thanks MK)
 +When I put "5 Wayside Rd, Burlington" into on my computer, I
 +get a very accurate route showing the turn-off into the building's driveway,
 +However, when I enter that address into the Waze app on my phone, it takes
 +me *past* the driveway to a long stretch of no-driveway sidewalk alongside
 +the shopping mall across the street--very confusing!
 +Thus, I recommend some explanation on the BNUG site that gives the reader:
 +  * The suggestion to try "7 Wayside Rd" in one's GPS app,
 +  * some idea what to look for regarding finding the building's driveway (it's across the street from the mall)
 +  * After entering the driveway you come up to a fork, go Right and drive *around* the building to get to the appropriate parking lot, since some of us keep our eyes on street level and may not notice the "Microsoft" sign many stories up, :)
 +  * and that after signing in at the receptionist, they will direct you to the meeting room.
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