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 =====BNUG Videos===== =====BNUG Videos=====
-an incomplete list. See [[https://bnug.org/past-meetings.html]] for more complete list, information, and links.+list of videos published on BNUG meetings For a list of meetings over the last two decades, see [[https://bnug.org/past-meetings.html]] 
 ^Meeting date^Link^Slides^ ^Meeting date^Link^Slides^
 +|2021 January 05|[[https://youtu.be/M4dvfEOdrmE|Technology Journalism]]|
 +|2020 December 08|[[https://youtu.be/vM0RqmVALS8|Data Safety in a Hospital Setting]]|
 +|2020 November 10|Data Streaming and YouTube (video being produced by Touring New England)|
 +|2020 October 06|[[https://youtu.be/6nNNXArJnw4|Discussing the Right-To-Repair bill]]|
 +|2020 September 08|[[https://youtu.be/9F8w6BamNCI|Whole House VPNs, Chromebooks]] -- Drew King|
 +|2020 August 04|[[https://youtu.be/8BoTq3Ek3ng|The Basics of Bookkeeping]] -- Martin Kadansky|
 +|2020 July 14|[[https://youtu.be/yJUwHN2yNik|Tools for Business]] -- Adam Frost leads a discussion of tools used by computer support\\ [[https://youtu.be/dASSSOWa-iI|Working Safely While Supporting Technology]] A discussion of ways we're working safely in today's world|
 +|2020 June 02|[[https://youtu.be/heRZOrwXrqM|Mainframe History -- Norm Stembridge]]\\ [[https://youtu.be/9Fl6fP6l8iY|Intel Technology Update -- Jeff Katz]]|
 +|2020 May 05|[[https://youtu.be/RUOJkEcfTRM|Network Attached Storage (by Synology) -- Jeff Katz]]|
 |2020 April 7|[[https://youtu.be/WsPn8_oPJb0|Computer Safety during a Pandemic]] //Apologies for blurred visual//| |2020 April 7|[[https://youtu.be/WsPn8_oPJb0|Computer Safety during a Pandemic]] //Apologies for blurred visual//|
 |2020 Feb 04|[[https://youtu.be/1SP85ymLVck|A Website Primer]]| |2020 Feb 04|[[https://youtu.be/1SP85ymLVck|A Website Primer]]|
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