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 +===Using the new email list===
 +Starting 26 October 2019, we have switched to a new email list that is not hosted on Yahoo.  It is on a domain owned by Steve Isenberg and will serve the group until such time as we have another alternative.  (We did not want to use groups.io as there is a $220 charge to use it and Steve is able to give us the list without cost other than sweat equity.)
 +To send email to the list, address it to: ''LCTG@toku.us'' or ''lctg@lists.toku.us''
 +If you're not a member, to apply to subscribe to the list, send an email that has your name and some introductory information, to ''lctg-subscribe@toku.us''
 +To unsubscribe from the list, we'll be sorry you're leaving.  Send an email to ''lctg-unsubscribe.toku.us''
 +===Getting your list password===
 +To change your subscription options (individual emails or daily batches, for example) you need to have your list password.  Here's how to get it.
 +  - You will get a monthly message that holds your list password.
 +  - You can get it now:
 +    - Visit [[http://lists.toku.us/options.cgi/lctg-toku.us]]  
 +    - Enter your email address at the top, the address that's subscribed to the list
 +    - Then at the bottom, under Password reminder, click the ''Remind'' button
 +    - Your password will be emailed to you.
 +===Making changes to your list subscription===
 +Once you have your password, visit [[http://lists.toku.us/options.cgi/lctg-toku.us]], enter your email address and password and click ''Log in''.
 +Once on the Changing your LCTG membership information page, you can 
 +  * Change your subscribed email address
 +  * Change your password
 +  * Change your subscription options such as
 +    * turn off mail delivery (you won't get mail from the list)
 +    * set or turn off digest delivery
 +    * and other options.
 +===Accessing group email archives===
 +Messages are archived for later retrieval, here's how to do that.\\ 
 +Note that at the current time, messages sent to the older Yahoo group are saved but we have not found a way yet to allow access; if you have ideas on how to do this or if you can help, please let us know.
 +To access archives
 +  - visit [[http://lists.toku.us/private.cgi/lctg-toku.us/]]
 +  - Enter your email address and password, click ''Let me in...'' button
 +  - You can now search the message archive.
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