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-====Selected keyboard shortcuts==== +~~NOCACHE~~ 
-Common shortcuts+=====MacBook and OS X Info===== 
 +[[OS X Annoyances]]\\  
 +See also [[Linux Annoyances]] for Terminal on Mac 
 +====Selected OS X keyboard shortcuts==== 
 +Common OS X shortcuts ([[davinci_resolve_notes|Resolve shorts]])
 |⌘-F, ⌘-G|Find, find again| |⌘-F, ⌘-G|Find, find again|
 |⇧⌘-5|screenshot or screen recording| |⇧⌘-5|screenshot or screen recording|
Line 17: Line 21:
 |⌘-↓|Open the selected item| |⌘-↓|Open the selected item|
 |⌘-delete|Move selected item to Trash| |⌘-delete|Move selected item to Trash|
 +|⌘-space|Invoke Spotlight|
 +|⌘-tab|Open application switcher; keep ⌘ pressed use Tab to get to app you want to use|
 +|fn-fn|Launch Dictation, start speaking. Press fn when done.|
 +|⌘-`|Move between open windows in currently active app.|
 Document Shortcuts Document Shortcuts
 |⌥-Delete|Delete word to left of insertion point| |⌥-Delete|Delete word to left of insertion point|
-|Fn-↑|Page up; scroll up one page| +|fn-↑|Page up; scroll up one page| 
-|Fn-↓|Page down; scroll down one page| +|fn-↓|Page down; scroll down one page| 
-|Fn-←|Home: scroll to beginning of document| +|fn-←|Home: scroll to beginning of document| 
-|Fn-→|End: scroll to end of document|+|fn-→|End: scroll to end of document|
 |⌘-↑|Move insertion point beginning of doc| |⌘-↑|Move insertion point beginning of doc|
 |⌘-↓|Move insertion point to end of document| |⌘-↓|Move insertion point to end of document|
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 |Control (or Ctrl)|⌃| |Control (or Ctrl)|⌃|
 |Caps Lock|⇪| |Caps Lock|⇪|
 +====Casting to Chromecast====
 +Trying to find free apps to use to cast to Chromecast.  Did not have any luck; here are results 20200314:
 +^App name^Notes^
 +|Video cast for chromecast|5 min limit else pay $10|
 +|Elmedia Video Player|Plays video directly (not screen cast) for 1 min, works, $10|
 +|MKV Omni Player|never connected to cast|
 +|Stream to Smart TV|All options cost $$|
 +|Mirror to Smart TV|Choppy video and no audio. Only "works" with "Fast TV" option. Smooth TV and Audio never does anything|
 +|Just Stream|Looks like it's starting but stops without any casting|
 +|Oka Mirror|Isn't able to find any devices, even without VPN|
 +|Mirror Screen for Smart TV|Works but only for 3 mins|
 +This page has been visited 
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 +{{counter|today| time| times}} today, and 
 +{{counter|total| time| times}} in total since April 25, 2019.
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