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 =====MacBook and OS X Info===== =====MacBook and OS X Info=====
 +[[OS X Annoyances]]\\ 
 +See also [[Linux Annoyances]] for Terminal on Mac
 ====Selected OS X keyboard shortcuts==== ====Selected OS X keyboard shortcuts====
 Common OS X shortcuts ([[davinci_resolve_notes|Resolve shorts]]) Common OS X shortcuts ([[davinci_resolve_notes|Resolve shorts]])
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 |fn| |fn|
-====OS X Annoyances==== + 
-===Change default application=== +====Casting to Chromecast==== 
-Suppose you want all .xlsx files to open with LibreOffice instead of Numbers.  Do the following. +Trying to find free apps to use to cast to Chromecast.  Did not have any luck; here are results 20200314: 
-  - Find a file with the extension (.xlsx), right clickand Get Info. + 
-  - Under Open with, open the dropdown, find the application you want to open this type of file (LibreOffice), and select it. +^App name^Notes^ 
-  - Click the Change All... button. +|Video cast for chromecast|5 min limit else pay $10| 
-  - Confirm that you want to make the change+|Elmedia Video Player|Plays video directly (not screen castfor 1 minworks$10| 
-From this point onall files with the same extension will open with this application.+|MKV Omni Player|never connected to cast| 
 +|Stream to Smart TV|All options cost $$| 
 +|Mirror to Smart TV|Choppy video and no audioOnly "works" with "Fast TV" optionSmooth TV and Audio never does anything| 
 +|Just Stream|Looks like it's starting but stops without any casting| 
 +|Oka Mirror|Isn't able to find any devices, even without VPN| 
 +|Mirror Screen for Smart TV|Works but only for 3 mins| 
 +Note: MacBook must be on exactly the same LAN as the TV
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