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 ^Store^Tele#^Replace price by whom^hours^notes^ ^Store^Tele#^Replace price by whom^hours^notes^
 |Acton Toyota|978-263-1500| |M-Sa 7a-3p| |Acton Toyota|978-263-1500| |M-Sa 7a-3p|
-|Woburn Toyota|781-933-1100|Matt: $179.95 |M-F 8a-2pm Sa 8-12n|can do walk-in| +|Woburn Toyota|781-933-1100|Matt: $179.95 |M-F 8a-2pmSa 8-12n|can do walk-in| 
-|Lexington Toyota|781-861-7400|Mike Mason (781-430-5126) ~$350 |7:30-3p M-Sa+|Lexington Toyota|781-861-7400|Mike Mason (781-430-5126) ~$350 |M-Sa 7:30-3p| 
-|Wellesley Toyota|781-237-2970|Bob: $347+tax|8-4 M-F 8-12n Sa|+|Wellesley Toyota|781-237-2970|Bob: $347+tax|M-F 8-4, Sa 8-12n|
 |Watertown Toyota|617-926-5200| |Watertown Toyota|617-926-5200|
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