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-====Sight and Sound Resources====+==== Sight and Sound Resources ==== 
 Resources when producing videos. Resources when producing videos.
-===Audio and Video Resources=== +=== Audio and Video Resources === 
-|[[]]| Free stock video footage\\ Royalty free music|Plans: Free\\ Plus $14.99/mo includes 25 premium video downloads/mo\\ Pro $24.99/mo includes 50 premium video and music/sound effect downloads/mo|+ 
 +|[[|]]|Free stock video footage \\ Royalty free music|Plans: Free \\ Plus $14.99/mo includes 25 premium video downloads/mo \\ Pro $24.99/mo includes 50 premium video and music/sound effect downloads/mo| 
 +=== Audio Resources === 
 +smi needs to continue to search [[|]] 
 +|[[]]   |Free to use just provide credit  |    
 +|[[]]  |Free and royalty free\\ Curated playlists| 
 +|[[|]]  |Free to use. Some require crediting provider.  |    
 +|[[]]|Free to use, the ones with black DOWNLOAD button, Some must be purchased.\\ For free ones, you need to credit in your production.| 
 +|[[]]|Free.  Nice interface. You can optionally credit them (I think that would be a decent thing to do)| 
 +|[[]]|Free. You need to credit them in your production.| 
 +|[[]]|Free, must use their copyright notice.\\ Click on "Download royalty-free MP3" for the free ones. Else they cost.| 
 +=== Video Resources === 
 +(none yet) 
 +=== Other alternatives that are not free or have limitations ===
 +|[[]]|30-day free trial. $15/month (personal) thereafter.|
 +|[[]]|Download clips labelled "Free". But cannot include in YouTube.| 
-===Audio Resources=== 
-smi needs to continue to search [[]] 
-|[[]]|Free to use just provide credit| 
-|[[]]|Free and royalty free|Curated playlists| 
-===Video Resources=== 
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