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 =====Tips for traveling===== =====Tips for traveling=====
-====SIM Cards==== 
-===Great Britain=== 
-Updated 9/16/2019 
-From [[https://​toomanyadapters.com/​buying-sim-card-united-kingdom/​]] April 2019\\ 
-Four operators: O2 (GiffGaff), EE (was Orange; is also Lycamobile, Lebara), Three, Vodafone (VOXI) 
-Best network: EE, then O2 and Vodafone. ​ Three has least coverage. ​ 
-He recommends EE for most travelers as it has better network outside major cities.\\ ​ 
-You can buy in airport but you'll have more choices and spend less money if you wait.  Easy to find SIM card stores in central London; they'​ll discuss package options and install and activate the SIM in about 2 minutes. ​ No need to show passport or other ID; you get a SMS notification confirming all is well and then it works straightaway. 
-From [[https://​londoncheapo.com/​technology/​uk-sim-card-options-london/​]] June 2019\\ ​ 
-Their is WiFi all over.  
-|VOXI (Vodafone)| 8GB $12.50\\ 20GB $18.76|unlimited/​unlimited| 
-|3|2GB $12.50|unlimited/​unlimited| 
-|O2|2GB $12.50\\ 5GB $18.76|500/​5000\\ 1000/5000| 
-|EE (Lycamobile,​ Lebara)|2GB $12.50\\ 5GB 18.76|100/​unlimited\\ 500/​unlimited| 
-|GiffGaff (O2)|3GB $12.50\\ 8GB 18.76|unlimited/​unlimited| 
-Questions to ask. 
-  * Which network? 
-  * Speed of Data? 
-  * Coverage? 
-  * Will it fit in iPhone? 
-  * Can I call outside UK (e.g., US, CH) 
 ====Packing tips==== ====Packing tips====
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