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 +====Upward Bound Videos====
 +These come from [[|Getting Into Space series of 17 videos]]\\
 +Note, may want to use captions as speaker has slight speech impediment.
 +|-->[[|Getting Into Space]]|  March 2, 2017| means of; overview of the following episodes | 21.36|
 +|-->[[|Space Elevators]]|  March 9, 2017|SE & towers; fiber; placement; breakage|30:29|
 +|[[|Quantum Computers]] |  March 16, 2017| theory to applications| 21:37|
 +|[[|Skyhooks]] |  March 23, 2017| and rotovators, lift things to space| 28:35|
 +|[[|Life Support]]|  March 30, 2017|how to survive in space | 30:50|
 +|[[|Nuclear Option]]|  May 4, 2017|for powering spacecraft |28:13|
 +|[[|Launch Loops]]|  June 1, 2017|launch assist mechanism |22:48|
 +|[[|Space Towers]]|  June 14, 2017|as means of launching spaceships |24:01|
 +|[[|Life Extension]]| |tech challenges and solutions |26:35|
 +|[[|Power Satellites]]| | transmitting power from space|30:15|
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