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 =====MacBook and OS X Info===== =====MacBook and OS X Info=====
 +[[OS X Annoyances]]\\ 
 +See also [[Linux Annoyances]] for Terminal on Mac
 ====Selected OS X keyboard shortcuts==== ====Selected OS X keyboard shortcuts====
 Common OS X shortcuts ([[davinci_resolve_notes|Resolve shorts]]) Common OS X shortcuts ([[davinci_resolve_notes|Resolve shorts]])
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 |fn| |fn|
-====OS X Annoyances==== +This page has been visited  
-===Change default application=== +{{counter|yesterday| time| times}} yesterday,  
-Suppose you want all .xlsx files to open with LibreOffice instead of Numbers.  Do the following. +{{counter|today| time| times}} today, and  
-  - Find a file with the extension (.xlsx)right click, and Get Info. +{{counter|total| time| times}} in total since April 252019.
-  - Under Open with, open the dropdown, find the application you want to open this type of file (LibreOffice), and select it. +
-  - Click the Change All... button. +
-  - Confirm that you want to make the change. +
-From this point on, all files with the same extension will open with this application. +
-===Reset Printing System=== +
-From [[]]\\ +
-If something goes wrong with printing, for example a bad file descriptors error, you need to reset the printing system.  If you reset the printing system, you will +
-  * lose all print queues and pending print jobs +
-  * remove all printer preference files +
-  * removes all printers currently in the Printers & Scanners preference pane. +
-To Reset Printing System: +
-  - Launch System Preferences +
-  - Select Printers & Scanners +
-  - In the Printers and Scanners preference paneplace your cursor in an empty area of the printer list sidebar (where the printers are listed) and right-click; select Reset Printing System from the popup. +
-  - You're asked to confirm.  Press Reset. +
-  - You may need to enter administrator password or finger.  +
-The printing system will be reset and you will need to add back your printer. +
-===Determine IP address of Samsung M2830DW printer=== +
-  - Turn device on +
-  - Press and hold the Cancel (X) button till green light blinks 5 times, then release +
-  - Output is printed. On second page you'll find the IP address.+
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