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Alfred Hitchcock Perry Mason
“Flight” w/Denzel Washington “Finding Vivian Maier”
“Lilly Hammer” Columbo

Does rotation of the earth affect flight time?
Bottom line, the rotation of the Earth does not have a direct effect on flight time, only the wind does. Rotation of earth and relative water temperature affects the winds however.

My brother was involved in a polar bear attack in Canada in 2014 and as a physician helped to save the injured. The e-book [describing the experience] is up. There are a few ways to see it. Here's the opening of the book, which we're running on our site now: There are links at the top and the bottom of the excerpt to go read the entire book.
Or you can bypass the excerpt and go to this page to read the entire book: From this page, on the right you'll see a few ways to read it. In our iPad app, called ICN Books, which is the best-looking way to read it; in Kindle; or “in browser” (meaning on your computer).

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