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BNUG Executive Board Communications

Meeting plans

August 2018 no meeting
Sept 11, 2018MassBayOffice Tools Adam
Oct 2, 2018MassBayOffice Tools part 2
Nov 13, 2018MassBayExploring Switch Technology using Cisco and Dell SwitchesGlenn
Dec 4, 2018Microsoft Burlington* Internet of Things, etc
* Lex Robotics Girls Club
Bob Primak
Lex Robot Club
Glenn to verify the date at Microsoft
Jan 8, 2019MassBayCreating a website step-by-step
GoDaddy website create, and getting infrastructure
Adam Frost & Steve ProvostAdam is planning. SteveP will provide Bio both will provide abstract
Feb 5, 2019Microsoft BurlingtonMS Cloud offerings (Azure)? Office 2019 or another evolving technology? Servers? (ask Dan)Dan Stoltz is MS contact Charisse to fup w/MS re topic Adam to fup w/Charisse
Mar 5, 2019MassBay? Charisse on updating - maybe, check back
maybe SteveI on Bitcoin & Blockchain
Adam coord w/Charisse
Apr 2, 2019Burlington?
May 7, 2019MassBay?
June 4, 2019Burlington?
July 2, 2019MassBay?
Aug 6, 2019Burlington?

Oct & Nov:

  • Adam to check with buddy Steve Provost to see if he can video the meetings
  • Adam, if you want to send a message to members, email to:
  • SteveI will put Getting There Without a Car on bnug website and link to it on Meetup
  • Next board meeting: November 20 at 7pm (an online meeting)

Potential topics & speakers & who's on it

TopicCompanywho's on itscheduled datenotes
FortinetJerry pending
Solar WindsJerry pending
Cisco Lab TourMassBay/TonyAdamJanuary 2019?
ODBOrganizers DatabaseAdam
Barcodes Adam [adam]someone he met on the plane, will see if he can arrange w/them
PCMevie via VTUG July2018
Iron Mountainevie via VTUG July2018
Arubaevie via VTUG July2018
Building a websitepro & con of companies

Pending topics to discuss

  • Lab training proposed by Glenn
    • Is there enough interest in BNUG membership to run one of these?
    • Where could we run this?
      • [steve-glenn]Should we see if MassBay can host this? (would need a classroom we can use & secure for two+ whole days); if acceptable I(steve) can check w/Tony.
      • (Could use Lexington Community Center but would need to give them % of profits and might have difficulty scheduling the event as they are a busy center!)
      • [glenn]Could Microsoft Burlington host this?
      • Other places?

If you are an exec board member and you would like a login to make changes here, let me (Steve) know.

Words to use when trying to get a company to speak at our meetings

Meeting intentNot sales. Technology. Show yourself (company) as an expert in a given space by describing it to our attendees; give your software/equipment as an example.
Who goes to our meetings?a combination of end-users, company IT support engineers, students at MassBay, and more
Benefits of presentingMeet face-to-face potential users/promoters of your product/software. Promotion by way of video taken and posted for others to see and for you to use.
Where can I find more info?See BNUG website
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