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BNUG Executive Board Communications

Meeting plans

August 2018 no meeting
Sept 11, 2018MassBayOffice Tools Adam
Oct 2, 2018MassBayOffice Tools part 2
Nov 13, 2018MassBayExploring Switch Technology using Cisco and Dell SwitchesGlenn Adam to verify date
Adam to check with SteveP re videoing
Dec 4, 2018Microsoft Burlington* Internet of Things, etc
* Lex Robotics Girls Club
Bob Primak
Lex Robot Club
Glenn to verify the date at Microsoft
Jan 8, 2019MassBayDIY WebsitesAdam & (maybe) Kim ReddingtonAdam planning
Feb 5, 2019Microsoft BurlingtonMS Cloud offerings (Azure)? Office 2019 or another evolving technology (ask Dan)Dan Stoltz is MS contact Evie to fup w/MS re topic
Mar 5, 2019MassBay?
Apr 2, 2019Burlington?
May 7, 2019MassBay?
June 4, 2019Burlington?
July 2, 2019MassBay?
Aug 6, 2019Burlington?

Oct & Nov:

  • Adam to check with buddy Steve Provost to see if he can video the meetings
  • Adam, if you want to send a message to members, email to:
  • SteveI will put Getting There Without a Car on bnug website and link to it on Meetup
  • Next board meeting: November 20 at 7pm (an online meeting)

Potential topics & speakers & who's on it

TopicCompanywho's on itscheduled datenotes
FortinetJerry pending
Solar WindsJerry pending
Cisco Lab TourMassBay/TonyAdamJanuary 2019?
ODBOrganizers DatabaseAdam
Barcodes Adam [adam]someone he met on the plane, will see if he can arrange w/them
PCMevie via VTUG July2018
Iron Mountainevie via VTUG July2018
Arubaevie via VTUG July2018
Building a websitepro & con of companies

Pending topics to discuss

  • Lab training proposed by Glenn
    • Is there enough interest in BNUG membership to run one of these?
    • Where could we run this?
      • [steve-glenn]Should we see if MassBay can host this? (would need a classroom we can use & secure for two+ whole days); if acceptable I(steve) can check w/Tony.
      • (Could use Lexington Community Center but would need to give them % of profits and might have difficulty scheduling the event as they are a busy center!)
      • [glenn]Could Microsoft Burlington host this?
      • Other places?

If you are an exec board member and you would like a login to make changes here, let me (Steve) know.

Words to use when trying to get a company to speak at our meetings

Meeting intentNot sales. Technology. Show yourself (company) as an expert in a given space by describing it to our attendees; give your software/equipment as an example.
Who goes to our meetings?a combination of end-users, company IT support engineers, students at MassBay, and more
Benefits of presentingMeet face-to-face potential users/promoters of your product/software. Promotion by way of video taken and posted for others to see and for you to use.
Where can I find more info?See BNUG website
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