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iPhone and iPad Annoyances

Copy [some|all] pictures from iPhone to Apple computer

You want to offload all pictures and videos from the iPhone to the MacBook or iMac.
It is fastest to copy the pictures to the Macbook/iMac first. Then you can copy them to a memory stick (thumb drive) or similar.

  1. Create a directory to store them.
    1. Maybe in the Pictures directory (or a shared directory, but remember where, you'll need it later)
    2. Name using datecode and whose phone info
      1. For example: 20201021 Eunice iPhone
  2. Connect the iPhone to the Macbook/iMac using a standard Lightning USB cable
  3. Authenticate: Use finger or unlock code (password).
    1. Need to do on iPhone and also on Macbook/iMac
    2. You may need to do this several times
  4. Run application Image Capture
    1. Press Command-spacebar, type capture, and double click on image
      1. The key is the Command key
  5. See: the iPhone is listed under Devices
  6. Go to Import To: and select the directory you just created
  7. Import All

This may very well take some time but you see a dialog showing the progress.
Note that after the copy, the files may not be accessible from other computers. It turns out this is likely a permissions issue. To solve this, do some or all of the following, using Terminal on the iMac/MacBook.

  • Change permissions for the directory. If it is Shared/XXX then cd Shared; chmod 777 XXX
    • I did this and it wasn't enough
  • Change permissions for the files in the directory: cd XXX; chmod 666 *
    • Access worked right after doing this. This may be all that's needed?

Send songs from MacBook to iPhone

Digested from 20231209 conversation with Apple rep in store.

You have a number of songs on your MacBook that you want to put on the iPhone. You don't want to sync all songs, you only want to transfer a number of them.

  1. Import songs into Music app.
    1. Command-O
    2. Select songs
    3. import
  2. Still in Music app, select songs to be sent to iPhone
  3. Sync [just these songs?] and choose your iPhone as destination.

As of 20231211 I haven't tried this yet. I'll update these steps once I do.
If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know.

Keeps asking for my gMail password

But I just entered it on my iphone yesterday and had no problems accessing gmail; but today it asks me again. From an article in imobie here are their suggestions. Most relate to asking for Apple password, but article says “Keeps asking for password error”.

  1. Restart the iPhone. (This worked for smi 20191109, was able to access email a few mins after the reboot)
  2. Press/hold top button till slider appears, slide it to turn off your iPhone completely.
  3. Then press/hold the top button to turn it back on.
  4. Update to the latest iOS version.
  5. Sign out of iCloud and then log in.
  6. Settings > me > iCloud > at the bottom tap Sign out > enter password > Turn off.
  7. Tap Sign Out on upper right corner > Sign out again to confirm. Wait a while then Settings > Sign in to your iPhone > enter Apple ID and password > tap Sign in on top right > Enter your iphone passcode.
  8. Make sure iCloud is still working
  9. Reset your Apple ID password
  10. Settings > me > Password & Settings > Choose change password
  11. Enter current password, new password, and confirm > tap change or change password.
  12. Reset network settings. Settings > General > Scroll down and set Reset > tap Reset Network Settings.
  13. (Their last choice is to restore your iPhone without data loss. Uh-uh, I'm not doin' this.)

Troubleshooting Tips for All iPhone Models

From MakeUseOf

  1. Restart your iPhone. See step #1 in previous article.
  2. Update iOS if it's not most recent
  3. Update your apps. Manually (via App Store) or automatically (Settings > me > iTunes and App Store, look under Automatic Downloads section, toggle Updates to on.)
  4. Force-close an app: double-press home button, swipe up on the app to force-close.
  5. Reset network settings (see step #6 in previous article)
  6. Reset all settings or do a Factory reset. I'm not going to describe this as it's not something I plan to do; visit the article and look at their steps 6 and 7 if you feel you need this.

Transfer all data from old iPhone to new iPhone

It appears to be easy. You'll use Quick Start to transfer your data.

Note that it will take maybe several hours to complete this so schedule the transfer appropriately.

But first, backup your iPhone


  1. Power on old iPhone and place it physically near new iPhone.
  2. Make sure old iPhone is connected to Wifi and has Bluetooth turned on.
  3. Power on new iPhone and wait at “Quick Start” screen
  4. On old iPhone, tap Continue when you see the “Set up new iPhone” screen
  5. In a moment, an animation will appear on the new iPhone screen; when you see this hold old iPhone so that animation is shown in the old iPhone device's camera viewfinder
  6. On new iPhone, enter old iPhone's passcode when requested
  7. (If new phone allows it) Set up Face ID on new iPhone if you want else skip this step
  8. Select “Transfer from iPhone” on new iPhone (it's not recommended to download from iCloud)
  9. Both phones will display “Transferring Data” with estimated time to completion
  10. When transfer is complete, new iPhone is ready to use and has all data copied from old iPhone to new iPhone
  11. You need to physically transfer the SIM card from old iPhone to new iPhone
  12. You may need to contact your cell provider to enable the new iPhone using its IMEI - they will help you do this
  13. (Of course if you want to get rid of old iPhone you'll need to reset it to factory settings)

You may also need to do more setup on the new iPhone, you'll be prompted for what's needed. For example, you'll need the 3 or 4 digit security codes for credit cards in your wallet.

See also but first:

  • If you have an Apple Watch, be sure to unpair your Apple Watch from your old iPhone
  • Make sure you have a backup of your device, you should have done this earlier.
  • Have your Apple ID and password ready
  • Physically transfer your SIM card from old iPhone

Also see:

Default Settings You Should Turn Off on your iPhone

This is adapted from NYT July 27, 2022

With iPhones, users can open the settings app and enter the privacy menu to change how they share data about their app use and location. (Apple technically asks people to opt in to some of these settings when they activate a new iPhone, but these steps can easily be missed. These tips would disable the data sharing.)

  • Select Privacy > Location Services, tap System Services and toggle off iPhone Analytics and Routing & Traffic to prevent the device from sharing geodata with Apple for improving Apple Maps.
  • Select Privacy > Tracking and toggle off Allow Apps to Request to Track. This tells all apps to not share data with third parties for marketing purposes.
  • Select Privacy > Apple Advertising and toggle off Personalized Ads so that Apple can’t use information about you to serve targeted ads on its App Store, Apple News and Stocks.
  • Select Privacy > Analytics & Improvements and toggle off Share iPhone Analytics to prevent the iPhone from sending device data to Apple to improve its products.

Play an ISO file on your device

You have a DVD stored as an ISO image and you want to play it on your iPhone or iPad.
To create the ISO file using MacOS go here

I understand that the application VLC supports this.

But I cannot figure out how to get the ISO to play on an iPad.

What is the REAL Battery Health?

The reported battery max capacity

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health See: Maximum Capacity

The REAL battery health

This digested from

  • Settings > Privacy and Security (or just Privacy)
  • Scroll down to and select Analytics & Improvements
  • Select Analytics Data
  • There are many files there, find the most recent Analytics (or if none, Analytics-Never) dated file, and open it.
  • You need to search for a string in this file. I'll copy the file to iCloud and edit it with TextEdit to do the search.
    • Send it to Files, and put it in iCloud
    • Open Finder (or go to iCloud) and find the file Analytics-Never- you just copied there
    • It has extent .synced. Change this to .synced.txt
    • Open with TextEdit
  • Find string last_value_cyclecount.
  • It appears like “last_value_cyclecount”:587. This means that the battery has gone through 587 cycles.
  • According to Apple Support, a battery should retain 80% capacity at 500 cycles.
  • So your battery capacity is: 100-(cyclecount*20/500)


Cycle countcomputeBattery Capacity %

Replacing iPhone battery yourself

It is delicate but not overly complex.

    • smi bought IBESTWIN, Amazon B08BCDVY2W on 20240202. It works but it's missing tweezers that are needed; the IBESTWIN link to video fails and when you get to all the videos there isn't one for iPhone SE 2016 or for any iPhone SE.

Tips when replacing battery:

  • Before replacing battery, discharge phone battery to 10% or less (prevents fire risk during replacement process)


  • When removing battery from iPhone, be careful not to puncture or bend the battery
  • Heat the phone w/hair dryer to loosen adhesive; or put in refrigerator to deactivate glue
  • When removing adhesive, try to grab the adhesive strip with your small screwdriver turned sideways and then pull and roll the adhesive to it


  • Rick Makes suggests: Charge battery to 100%. Let it discharge completely. Charge battery to 100%. It's calibrated.
  • Another opinion: Calibrate the new battery.
    • Drain phone till it dies.
    • Charge completely don't turn it on.
    • Then turn it on and don't touch for 30 mins.
    • Plug in the charger and let it charge for 30 mins without using.
    • When it's fully charged, your battery is calibrated.


  • Tap it. Back tap on iPhone lets you select an action to execute with double or triple tapping the back of the iPhone.
    Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.
    Maybe use: double-tap for Home, triple-tap for Camera. Others include: Flashlight and Mute, and many more. [iOS 16 and later]
  • use iPhone as 2nd camera on Mac in short, put iPhone near Mac, lock the iPhone, start your application (e.g., Zoom), and choose iPhone camera.
    You can also use its microphone.
    If a call comes in, video is paused till phone is locked again.

Copy Contacts and Notes from iPhone


From Apple support guide
For iOS 17

  1. Open Contacts app on your phone
  2. Tap Lists in the top-left
  3. Touch and hold an existing list (like All Contacts)
  4. Tap Export, select the fields you want to include or select all fields, then tap Done
  5. Choose a method to send or save the exported contact cards, such as Messages or Mail


To transfer a single note (ie, sending one note at a time)

  1. On your iPhone, open your Notes app.
  2. Tap one note, tap the three dots inside a circle in the upper right corner
  3. Select “Send a Copy” and then choose “Email”
  4. Send

To copy more than just one note at a time, you need to install software to do this.
Alternatively you can go to, login, and edit or view your notes and copy them to your computer.

Some applications smi found via DuckDuckGo search, that may help at a cost. Prices are as of 2/4/2024, Windows computer use. I'm not making any recommendations as I haven't tried any of these.

CoolMuster iOS Assistant$26/yr, $36/lifetime
EaseUS$24/month, $40/yr, $70 lifetime
TouchCopy1 PC 1 Year $30, 2 PCs lifetime $40
CopyTransCOpyTrans Contacts (does Notes) $20; that and6 other apps $30

Save voicemails

If you have a voicemail with the voice of someone you want to save, for example someone who has passed away, you can save this.

  1. Phone App and Voicemail (bottom right)
  2. Tap on the voicemail you want to save then Share (box with arrow pointing out of it). You can share this voicemail with AirDrop, Messages, Mail,and others.
  3. Add a quick note or save to files, to save it on your phone.
  4. Use AirDrop to save to your computer.

This from Kim Komando.

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