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Boltune Wireless Stereo Earphones BT-BH001

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Earphone diagram

1+ Volume + / Next
2Δ Multifunction
3 LED indicator / Microphone
4- Volume - / Previous


Connect with USB adapter. Fully charged when indicator turns blue.


  1. Place earphones and Bluetooth device within 3 feet of each other
  2. Press and hold Multifunction Δ until LED flashes red and blue alternately: Earphones are in pairing mode.
  3. Activate Bluetooth on iPhone/iPad, search for nearby. Find “Boltune BTBH001” in search results, tap to connect.
  4. Once connected, blue LED will flash.

If earphones cannot pair with your Bluetooth device, press and hold the Multifunction Δ button when earphones are off for 10 seconds until LED indicator flashes purple twice (reset to factory settings). This clears pairing history. Then follow instructions above.

Operation and Functions

Power OnPress and hold Multifunction Δ for 1 second
Power OffPress and hold Multifunction Δ for 3 seconds
Enter pairing modePress and hold Multifunction Δ for 5 seconds
Play/PausePress Multifunction Δ once
Volume + / -press + / - button
Next/Previous trackPress and hold +/- button
Answer or hang up phonePress Multifunction Δ once
Decline incoming callPress Multifunction Δ for 1 second
Redial last callPress Multifunction Δ twice
Reset to factory settingsWhen earphones off, press and hold Multifunction Δ for 10 seconds, until LED indicator flashes purple twice.
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