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Quick Info on Braven BRV-X Speakers

Pair a device

  1. Turn BRV-X on (hold power 2-3 seconds, release, hear drone)
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your device
  3. Press/hold Play button on Braven, hear pairing call
  4. On your device, select BRAVEN BRV-X from list. Passcode if needed is 0000


+Volume Up. Press/hold for skip track
-Volume Down. Press/hold for skip back
01Power, hold 2-3 seconds, release, hear drone for on; similar for off
>Pairing / Answer-end call / Pause-Resume music

Pair two Bravens together for stereo - "True Wireless"

  1. On your device, disconnect all Bluetooth connections
  2. On your device, remove any Braven Bluetooth connections
  3. Press & hold Battery Check button on both Braven speakers for 5 seconds till you hear a sonar sound from both
  4. Hear a second beep w/in 30 secs, means True Wireless Connection between the 2 speakers
  5. Follow instrux above to pair ONE of the Bravens w/your device
  • When you turn off one Braven the other will also turn off
  • To restart, press power on both Bravens w/in 5 seconds. They'll reconnect and you'll hear 2 beeps

Note, you can only have ONE active Bluetooth connection to your device at the same time, otherwise audio will distort.
To correct: power down all other Bluetooth devices in range of my device, turn Bluetooth off then on, on your device.

To break the True Wireless connection, press/hold battery check button till connection stops.

For troubleshooting and tutorial videos:

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