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Chinese and Other Buffets Nearby

We're talking in the Eastern MA area, and buffets we have visited and may return to.
So many good buffets, so little time, so much weight to gain with a smile! Listed in no particular order and prices for adults (call or visit site for kid's prices).
Prices are accurate as of January 12, 2020 except as noted, prices may change so suggest you contact restaurant to confirm price; and given COVID, that they are still in business sad

Burlington MAFogo de ChaoTop quality food781-382-0222 excellent AYCE alternatives ([2022] prices are weekday lunch)
Salad bar (“Market Table & Feijoada Bar”) only $15.00
Salad bar $15.00; with AYCE pick one meat add $7-11
Churrasco Experience (Tableside meat cuts & Salad Bar) $40.95 (free for kids 6 & younger; half price ages 7-12)
Andover MAKarmaquality buffet, pricy978-809-3075 are also 2 other Karma in Concord and Westford (not sure all under the same owners). Food is superb; ingredients are fresh, tasty, good quality sushi, nice ambience, etc. Buffets for lunch only.
[2020] Price, Lunch: M–F $11.95, Sat/holiday $12.95 Sunday seafood brunch $19.95.
Lowell MAChina Buffetquantity buffet978-937-8868 lot of choices (30-40+ choices) at this buffet, but it's more home cooking style and quality of the ingredients is one notch down; you will be amazed just how many dishes there are.
[2022] Price lunch: M-F $11.49, Sa $12.99, Su 16.99; Dinner M-Th $15.99, FSaSu $16.99
Chelmsford MAFeng Shuiquality buffet978-250-8888 Buffets now.Previously: Lunch buffet only, every day. No buffet on holidays. Many choices and food is tasty and prepared well. Options for sushi and there's ice cream and more for dessert. (They have a location in Burlington, prices are higher?, we prefer Chelmsford location.) Chelmsford Lunch M-F $13.50, SaSu $16.00 (not sure of these prices)
Bedford MABambooquality buffet781-275-5888 buffetPreviously: Lunch buffet every day, and dinner buffet Sundays. Good food well prepared. Includes sushi options.
Prices: Lunch M-F $14.50, SaSu $17.95; Su Dinner $24.95 (not sure of these prices)
Bedford MAGreat WallDecent buffet781-275-7007[2022] Prices: Lunch M-F 12.95, Sa, Su Lunch 13.95, Dinner 7Days 18.95
WalthamSichuan's GardenOk buffet781-899-9991 sure they are open)Prices: Lunch M-Sa 10.95, Dinner 7Days 16.95

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