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Business Cards

Buying and printing your own.

Printing your own business cards

Libre Office has a business card template, but we're not sure what Avery form it works with.

For printing business cards on Avery paper, see
Apparently the software is free, and according to a source in Tampa, it's more functional than Word or LibreOffice.
With a free login you can create and save business card profiles or project profiles. They support different forms of alignment font size and text boxes and importing pictures and it's all very simple even if you want to do double-sided business card printing. When the project is done you download a PDF file of the business cards.

Buying Business Cards

This section needs more information, let me know if you can help!

  • Staples: 500 for $14.99 (as of 12/29/2020; likely you can pick up a few hours after you order)
  • Overnight Prints 500 for $15.45 (as of 12/29/2020), takes 2 weeks (confusing checkout process)
  • Vistaprint (site unreachable if using VPN) 100 for $15, 500 for $20 (free shipping)
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