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Coffee - about, opinions, procedures


My choice for a home espresso machine is the Breville Barista Express
See this video on using it link

Non Espresso


Really good video about brewing your cup using your espresso machine link
Notes from this video

  • Grinding
    • Dark roast works best with a coarser grind
    • Light roast works best with a finer grind
    • Make grind Finer if coffee comes out too fast; adjust Coarser if comes out too slowly
  • Dose should be the most ground coffee you can put in the filter basket without seeing an imprint of the screen after drawing the espresso
  • Adjust Grind, not Dose.
  • Adjust dose to get more or less espresso out.
  • Timing. You should get 2:1 espresso out in 25-30 seconds. For a 18g dose, you should get 36g espresso out in 25-30 seconds.
  • Temperature of water going into filter to be 93-95 C
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