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Covid-19 Info, Precautions, and (of course) Stuff To Do To Keep Busy

Some of this information may be dated.



Difference between N95, KN95, etc
some options (thanks, SK)

FOOD! I'm Hungry!

Keeping Busy

Coronavirus Music Parodies etc

Some interesting videos/presentations

  • One Man, Two Guv'ners
    The National Theatre of UK is making past broadcasts available on YouTube, and the link below will take you to “One Man, Two Guv'ners”, which is the funniest (I mean wet your pants funny) performance I have seen since my 9th grade French teacher took us to see La Comedie Francaise present “Les Fourberies de Scapin” with the great Robert Hirsch and I literally fell of my seat laughing, even though I could barely follow the script. “One Man” features James Corden, astonishingly light on his feet, provoking an abundance of belly-laughs, desperately needed at this gruesome moment. [R. D. Eno]
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