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Free Open-Source Software (FOSS)

A random collection of software that's free and open-source (meaning that it's available for anyone to change and improve).
Find more information for some of these on

Email clientThunderbird MacOS, Windows, Linux
Password Manager/SafeKeePasshttps://keepass.infoMacOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android, iPad, Chromebook, maybe others
Office Suite (cf Microsoft Office)LibreOffice MacOS, Windows, Linux
Picture/Photo EditingGIMP, Windows, Linux
File Transfer (FTP)FileZilla, Windows, Linux
Operating System (cf Windows, MacOS)Linux PC including old ones you have no other use for
(Steve suggests Linux Mint but many like Ubuntu
Media PlayerVLC, Windows, Linux, Android, more?

Free, but Not Open Source

Just because it's not open-source doesn't mean that it's not bad just 'cause it's free.

Video EditingDaVinci Resolve MacOS, Windows, LinuxProfessional quality video editing. Note, there is a learning curve, but Note: there are MANY YouTube videos to help! See the page on this wiki
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