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Using the Gift of Prime to avoid Amazon Prime fee increase

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Amazon has said they will increase the price of Prime from $119 to $139 on or about March 23, 2022. You can delay this increase: If you buy a Gift of Prime membership, pay it in full and upfront, and send it to yourself, you can activate it whenever you want. So you can start using it months after Amazon Prime's recently announced price hike goes into effect.

How to Exploit the Hack

  1. Head over to the Gift of Prime page on Amazon and buy a full Prime membership for $119 (you may have to pay taxes on top – I didn't and I'm in MA). Send the gift to yourself. When the e-mail for gifted membership arrives in your inbox, let it stay there until your current membership expires.
  2. Head to Prime Memberships under your account (top-right corner) and turn off auto-renew. This will ensure Amazon doesn't automatically renew your subscription. This is important because automatic renewal will charge you the new higher price.
    OR turn on the 3-day-before-renewal warning, cancel your membership then, and do the next step.
  3. When your Prime membership expires, activate your “gifted” Prime membership. Just like that, you get to stay on the old $119 rate.

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