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Heatpump Model and Installer Research

August 2022, we are looking into buying and installing one or more heatpumps for our oil-heated forced-hot-water home to reduce our winter oil use and to give us some cooling during the summer heat/humidity.

Heat pump installers

CommenterCompanyContact infoComments
AS MS WRNETR Heating and Cooling Systems (Woburn) 781-933-6387 Good tech service & knowledgeable technicians
MM NAMuirfield Electric (Ayer) 978-263-7130did what they said they'd do, on schedule, middle-of-road price, no extra fuss
RK128 Heating and Plumbing (Wakefield) 781-670-3261(annoying website, can't get rid of stuff covering info)
AWCentral Cooling and Heating (Woburn) 800-236-8725they did rebate paperwork, good company.
RR CL JLTotal Comfort (Burlington) 781-999-1275, 781-697-9016Good consultation, communication. helped w/MassSave
JL MANetZero Heating and Air Conditioning (Billerica) 888-306-3893
WTNew England Ductless (Boston) 781-995-2665Did MassSave paperwork. Charges $750 for Manual-J (detailed technical assessment)
Homeworks Energy met with Brian 8/18/2022, got quote
Tetra met virtually with Parish 8/19/2022, got quote

Heat pump devices

Mitsubishihigh demand, long lead times (8+ months?)
LGOne Lex List member reported issues with non-LG thermostat; system would stay on, but this might be related to the usage learning curve; pressure relief valve issue; be sure to verify experience of installers and techs
SamsungSold/installed by Homeworks
GreeSold/installed by Tetra

Note that whatever heat pump you choose, to get rebates, it has to be on the MassSave list, see:

Concerns to address

  • Will your electrical feed need to be upgraded? (If you have 200 Amp service, will that be enough to support one or more heat pumps?)
  • Temperature range. Make sure your units can handle the temps in our area (eg, -20 to 110F)
  • Will the unit work with your existing thermostat or must it be replaced?
  • Will (and if so how will) heat pump work with existing home heating system?
  • Verify experience of Installers and Tech support


  • Get wall units for rooms with doors you can close (to isolate heat/cool to the room)
  • Heat pump for your hot water. will chill your basement if it's in the basement

Analysis & Comparison, heat pump vs oil boiler

We got a quote from a company for the cost of a whole-house solution. There are two rebates available to us, approx $5k since we're going whole-house, and $10k if we also sign an agreement that we will only use oil heat in an emergency.

Description of quoted system: TBD


We have an oil-fueled boiler forced hot water heating system. We have a single window air conditioner that the heat pumps would replace. Here are the cost factors for our situation.

Assuming for the purpose of this analysis:

  • Energy costs stay the same over the analysis period (oil and electricity)
  • Maintenance costs stay the same over the analysis period
  • We are not considering electricity savings by using heat pumps over the one window air conditioner we're using

Cost analysis

Whole house
Whole house
Oil heat only
Whole house
Condensers20k & 20k24k & 24k
Heads7k, 12k9k, 12k
7k, 7k, 9k9k, 9k, 9k
Works to temp-22F
Manual J?Yes, no cost
Wifi to heads?Yes
Service?1st yr included then pay1st yr included, then thru installerannual cleaning
FYI, Heat loan: 7 yrs no int, monthly:214.29115.37
Eqpt & installation28000196910
whole house rebate10000100000
EQUIPMENT & INSTALL cost1800096910
heatpump MAINTENANCE/yr after 1st yr5350
oil boiler MAINTENANCE/yr200200200
electric svc incremement $/mo (est)100100
gallons oil/year (est)100100700
oil cost/gal (est)444
ENERGY COST/yr160016002800

IF YOU HAVE COMMENTS on this, please let us know! Send to: and THANK YOU for your input.

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