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John Rudy, Harry, and others

  • Some people physically in LCC room, others remote from home
  • Likely more than 10-15 remotely & a bunch in the room
  • Remote attendee can raise hand and verbally ask question of presenter
  • Operates similarly to if we're all in the same room
  • Do we need a moderator?
  • How to handle recording of presentations when in hybrid?
    • Some in the LCC activity
    • Some remote activity
  • How to improve presentations in LCC over pre-covid

Carl Lazarus' experience

  • Has taught classes at BOLLI
  • Best to use a laptop provided to presenter, presenter brings USB stick (not using presenter's laptop)
    • presenter looks at this laptop
    • sees his slides and questioners
    • showing on a screen behind him
  • Maybe more remote attendees than in the room
  • Remote participants need to use the 'raised hand' when asking to speak
  • Good if there are two monitors: laptop used by presenter and a second to show attendee vids
  • How to make sure questioner in the room can be heard (pass a microphone around?)

Details of a Methodology

Notes from email and Zoom discussions during the week of 5/9/22 and a face-to-face meeting on 5/16/22 in Room 237 at the LCC between Harry & Steve about technical issues for changing LCTG meetings from zoom-only to hybrid (zoom and in-person) meetings. This page last changed 2022.06.03 14:27

We are exploring how to hold hybrid meetings, so that people can present or watch the meeting either remotely or locally, in the usual room in the Lexington Community Center (LCC).

A very uniform and manageable way to run these meetings is to have everybody (the presenter, the audience in the room, and the remote participants) use Zoom as a shell for the presentation and audience interactions.

  • The Presenter and all of the Remote participants in the meeting use Zoom for all content presentations and interactions.
  • The Presentation is viewed:
    • By a local participant on the large screen at the front of the room
    • By a remote participant on their computer screen
  • The Presentation is heard:
    • By a local participant:
      • through the air if the Presenter is local
      • through the meeting room audio system if the Presenter is remote.
    • By a remote participant:
      • through the speaker/headphones of their computer.

Local setup

  • There is a PC (“the room-PC”) in the room that is set up by the LCTG host.
    • It is connected to the Zoom meeting and the large display via HDMI.
      • Thus it supplies the video from the presentation to those in the conference room.
    • Its camera faces the room and thus video captures all who are attending the meeting.
    • Its microphone remains muted unless being used to support a local attendee asking a question (see the section below)
      • a local presenter will have to mute their speaker output while the question is being asked by the local attendee at the room-PC
      • It might be adequate to use a local presenter's microphone to pick up questions from the room.
    • If the presenter is not in the room, this room-PC supplies audio to the room.
  • If local attendees bring their PC then its speakers must be silent (ok to use headphones) and muted during the presentation
    • As usual they would unmute when asking questions.

Let's now take a look at how this would happen from the viewpoints of the presenter and the attendees.


  • Presents as usual on their PC, whether local or remote, meaning they connect to Zoom and give their presentation.
  • If the presenter is in the room, they turn up their PC speaker's volume (so they and others in the room can hear remote attendee questions)
    • zoom will prevent echo/feedback with the presenter's microphone

Attendees asking questions

  • Questioner is in the conference room
    • Questioner has PC in the conference room:
      • they use their PC to ask the question as usual (keep thei speakers muted, unmute to ask a question), or
      • they use chat to comment or ask questions (as usual)
    • Questioner doesn't have PC in the conference room:
      • Use a neighbor's PC (keep speakers muted) to ask or
      • Use the 2nd PC in the room to ask
  • Questioner isn't in the conference room - questioner uses their PC to ask a question, as usual


Although we believe many problems have been solved with the procedures described above, there are still some issues of concern in the following areas:

  • Feedback.
    • In the room, speaker or questioner. They're using their PC microphone and sound is coming from PA.
  • Delay.
    • Speaker or questioner may hear what they say after a delay, this might be disconcerting or confusing to those speaking.
  • Echo.
    • Will happen if the PC in the room is playing audio. All audio in the room needs to come from the PA to avoid echo.

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