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Updated with results as of October, 2023

iPhone Comparison

Given that I currently have an iPhone SE 2016, and I'm interested in upgrading, what iPhone upgrade options are there and how do they match up?

My Requirements

I'm looking for:

  • 128GB phone
  • Unlocked
  • Refurbished is OK (excellent condition)

Prices are as of 7/23/2023.


featureSE 2016 gen 112 mini 12
display4“ 5.4” 6.1“
resol 1136×640×3262340×1080×476 HDR2352×1170×460 HDR
Contrast800:1. 2,000,000:1
chip A9 A14
authenttouch ID Face ID
Cellular4G 5G
waterprn/a IP68 6m 30min
touch - haptic.
Brightness500 nits 625 - 1200 nits
sizeHWD”4.9×2.3×0.35.2×2.5×0.3 5.8×2.8×0.3
weight 113g/4oz 135g/4.8oz 164g/5.8oz
cam 12MP main Dual 12MP wide & ultra
cam f/2.2 5x dig. main f/1.6 ultra wide f/2.4
cam - night mode
stabilization - optical
NFC yes yes w/reader
vid play13hr 15hr 17hr
audio play50hr 50hr 65hr
3.5mmPlug yes no
connector lightning
chargingUSB USB, MagSafe, Qi
fast chg - 50% 30min w/20W adapter
SIM Nano Dual SIM, Nano-SIM and eSIM
retail $
refurb $ Blk 317; Blu 319 Blk 381; Grn 381
featureSE 2016 gen 112 mini 12
  • Face ID uses 3D facial recognition.
  • Haptic touch means it's pressure sensitive (push harder has results)
  • NFC means Apple Pay possible; w/reader means it can read cards
  • If no 3.5mm plug then need to use either lightning connector or Bluetooth to headset
  • Several of the phones are not available to purchase new, only option is refurbished.
  • I'm using for refurbished options.


Based on the balance between price and features, I picked an iPhone 12 Mini purchased refurbished from BackMarket.

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