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Keeping Yahoo and Verizon Emails Out of Spam in Gmail

For unknown reasons, gmail tends to throw emails with and addresses into Spam. So your good friend Louie with email or Dewie with a Verizon address sends you a message and you don't see them until you look in your Spam folder. Bummer. Wouldn't it be nice to fix this? Read on (and then you won't miss Louie and Dewie's emails!)
(Thanks to DS for pointing out a way to make this process shorter and easier!)

1. Log into Gmail and click on the dropdown at the top of your screen.

2. In the form that appears, in From, put “ OR” as you see in the picture. You can also add “OR” if you want. Click on Continue.

3. On the next dialog, select Never send it to Spam and Also apply filter to matching conversations. If you want to apply a label, you can do that. Then click Create Filter.

4. It might take a minute or two for gmail to finish thinking. From now on your yahoo and verizon email friend's messages will go to your inbox!

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