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Currently being built, this page will hold information I've found on area locksmiths.

Key Fob

Your key fob is used to open and lock the doors of your car, open the trunk, and/or be there to let you start your car.

Broken fob

If your fob breaks, here's some help.

If it's just the case of your key fob (and electronics are in good shape), note that Amazon sells replacement key fobs. I recently (Oct 2023) bought a replacement fob case for about $10 and it was easy to switch from broken to intact case.

Replacing or Getting New fob

Lexington list member Lynnell reports a local locksmith that can fix, repair, replace or get you another key fob. Their web site gives details including what they do and the pricing.
Located in Belmont and they can come to you.

Disclaimer: I have not used them but I would if the need came up.

Copying Keys

Replacing Locks

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