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2019 Research on Heating Oil Providers for Lexington MA

Info current as of January 11, 2019. Disclaimer: Information subject to change without notice and I may or may not update this page at times. I collected this information for my use in choosing an oil provider and cannot guarantee it to be complete and correct. Use at your own risk. Not safe for children under 12 years of age. Don't read on you phone while walking or (do I have to say this!) driving. If you see any mistakes or missing information please let me know.
Steve Isenberg /

ProviderTele#Cost/GalService Contract info
Sr 2.569
New cust 35c/gal discount for first yr, then 10c/gal off.
Seniors add 8c/gal discount.
Svc free first year then $244/yr.
Arlington Energy781-646-45402.799No one answered, this was a recording with their price. No info on service.
Cubby Oil617-876-18853.39.
(Anne 617-762-8495)
617-964-83832.69Fixed price thru April. Includes service free first 2 years. Using their own service people (they don't farm service out)
Faulkner Brothers
via Green Energy
Fawcett Energy
(Dina 617-395-6312)

Opt 1: 2.549/gal for first delivery; 25c/gal off 1st yr, 15c/gal off 2nd yr; incl free tune up and cleaning and tank protection; $200 free oil (20x$10 coupons, use one per delivery after first delivery)
Opt 2: Fixed rate. 2.899/gal till 4/30/2019; incl free tune up and cleaning and tank protection.
Opt 3: 2.599/gal via credit card; no svc plans or tank protection; they place hold on credit card.
Referral pgm: $100/signup
Option 1: What is price after first delivery? Is there a discount after 2nd year? Is tuneup and cleaning and tank protection free for all years I'm a customer? What are “loyalty points” good for?
Option 2. Must I do anything to continue fixed rate after April? Is tune up and cleaning and tank protection free for all years I'm a customer?
Federal Energy781-245-01852.999Svc contract $250/yr, new custs pay half for first 2 yrs
Genove Oil781-893-91913.099.
Green Energylink800-287-3950..
Lyons Fuel781-648-0388.No one there
MacFarlane781-326-95003.29Service plan free for new cust for first 2 yr, then $279/yr.
Peterson's Oil508-368-1000.Must set up group.
Slick Energy617-804-17462.44Service plan $19.99/mo ($239.88/yr). Pay by credit card. Referral program $25 cash.
Taylor & Murphy781-893-35443.099Gold plan: 10c off & 10c off pay in 10 days, incl svc
Silver plan: 40c off & 5c off pay in 10 days; svc $289/yr
Valiant Oil781-891-10002.99Check or cash.
Service: either $125+parts(&labor?) or $189/yr includes parts and labor.


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