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2022 Oil Company Pricing Research

Updated 8/2/2022 with Green Energy info from their website.


  • These price quotes listed below were obtained or were effective as of July 18, 2022.
  • As you know, oil pricing has been volatile and thus the price on any delivery date could be higher or lower.
  • Once we determine which oil company for the group, we will submit your name and contact information, with your permission, to that selected oil company. From that point on, each household will establish their own independent business relationship with the oil company.

Oil Company Info

The pricing and information is as of Monday July 18, 2022. It is by order of price/gallon.

Group?Oil CompanyPriceServiceNotes
No group!
Lyons Fuel, Arlington MA 7/18: 3.76/gal + $60 per-delivery charge, group pricing

(Price quoted is at Lyons’ cost for the fuel, add delivery charge)
* Cleaning $125+parts
* Emergency svc $150+parts
* Service policy $259/yr (includes annual cleaning and emergency service)
He is making oil cost low by separately charging $60 for each delivery.
This is pricing for individuals, no group needed

Autofill available; credit cards can be used for payment
Fawcett Energy, Wincester MA 7/18: Group price 4.399/gal

(First fill is 4.349/gal hence .35/gal off day price)
(Group is .30/gal off day price; non-group is .25/gal off day price)
1 year free maintenance service.(Opt1: 1st fill discounted then .30 off (group) or .25 off (no group) daily rate – this is what’s shown to the left)

Other options available
Opt2: cap 4.999/gal (but this costs $350)
Opt3: fixed price 4.999/gal but you must prepay your oil

Non-group price 4.499/gal
(Day price 4.699/gal)
Genove Oil 7/18: 4.57/gal for group of 5+ (commercial rate)Gold Service (annual tune & clean) included if auto delivery w/CC.
(Usually $268/yr) (We think this is service every year.)
No $4.64Green Energy7/18: $4.64/gal from their website??
Taylor & Murphy AKA Arlmont Fuel, Arlington MA 7/18: Group of 10+ w/CC: 4.79/gal

CC=payment by credit card on file
Group of at least 10 needed for group pricing
Service policy included: Permanent Gold Bond Free Service Policy - includes the yearly tune up.

For any emergency or repair work, he offers 25% off parts and labor. (This 25% off excludes complete boiler or oil tank replacement)
All clients must be on Automatic Delivery and have a credit card (CC) on file which will be charged on the day of delivery.

**Requires 10 committed customers or no group deal**

Individual 4.99/gal w/CC (Day price 5.19/gal)
Cubby Oil, Wilmington MA 7/18: Group price 4.80/gal

(group price is .40/gal off day price for first year, .22/gal off for 2nd year)

Price cap plan: Costs $395, cap is 5.29/gal (lower if if price on day of delivery is lower), plan runs 9/1-5/31
2yr free annual tuneup
and 24×7 Emergency service
Dana will visit every home and do free heating system evaluation and go over all info w/you. Dana can also do a group meeting at our home or central location; with no obligation.

Non-group/individual price 4.88/gal (individual non-group is .32/gal discount for first year, .22/gal for 2nd year)
$4.79 Grp, yes BUT.Prendergast Oil Belmont MA7/18: $4.79/gal
For group, see note
Tune and clean: $139 incl parts
Emergency svc: $120 with 15% discount (thus $108)
Tom is willing to offer a group rate but first would need to know how many people and how much oil we would need for the season.
Arlex Oil, Lexington MA 7/18: 5.17/gal for first year
Day price 5.52/gal
(new cust get .35/gal off for the 1st yr thus 5.17/gal 1st yr only)
MacFarlane Energy, Dedham MA 7/18: 5.19/galOffers free 2 years service (emergency and maintenance services including parts & labor), $299/yr after 2 year.
Devaney, Brookline MA 7/18: 5.54/gal if pay within 10 days or CC
5.79/gal otherwise

Oil Company Cost Comparison

The pricing and the calculations are current as of noon on Monday July 18, 2022.

Oil Companydate of priceGroup pricing?cost/galDelivery charge150 Gallons200 GallonsCost if 4 deliv @150galCost if 4 deliv @200galCost if 5 deliv @200gal5 deliv 200gal w/1 yr serviceService info
Lyons7/18/22Non-group$3.7660$624$812$2,496$3,248$4,060$4,319Add only $125+parts for cleaning; policy is $259/yr
Fawcett7/18/22GROUP $4.400$660$880$2,639$3,519$4,399$4,3991 yr service included
Fawcett7/18/22Non-group$4.500$675$900$2,699$3,599$4,499$4,4991 yr service included
Genove7/18/22GROUP $4.570$686$914$2,742$3,656$4,570$4,570Service policy included
GreenEnergy7/18/22Non-group$4.640$696$928$2,784$3,712$4,640no details didn’t call ‘em
Taylor&Murp7/18/22GROUP$4.790$719$958$2,874$3,832$4,790$4,790Service policy included
Prendergast7/18/22Non-group$4.790$719$958$2,874$3,832$4,790Clean & Tune $139
Cubby7/18/22GROUP $4.800$720$960$2,880$3,840$4,800$4,8002 yrs service included
Cubby7/18/22Non-group $4.880$732$976$2,928$3,904$4,880$4,8802 yrs service included
Taylor&Murp7/18/22Non-group $4.990$749$998$2,994$3,992$4,990$4,990Service policy included
Arlex7/18/22Non-group $5.170$776$1,034$3,102$4,136$5,170??
MacFarlane7/18/22Non-group $5.190$779$1,038$3,114$4,152$5,190$5,1902 yrs service included
Devaney7/18/22Non-group $5.540$831$1,108$3,324$4,432$5,540??

“Non-group” means individual pricing.
“Group” means pricing is when multiple neighbors sign up.

Oil pricing

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