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Osmo Pocket Notes

Gimbal Modes

From Peter Nicholls as comment on 10 Tips for Osmo Pocket

In FPV mode (which should have been called 'Unlocked' mode), the gimbal head will follow the direction of the camera handle without restriction - though the movement will be smoothed. It means that the Pocket will behave like any other camera, apart from the smoothed movement.

In Follow mode - which should have been called 'Horizon Lock' mode - the gimbal head will always stay horizontal. This means that you don't have to worry about keeping the horizon straight. The camera will look after itself in that respect, and that's handy because with the tiny screen, it's hard to tell if the horizon is exactly straight or not. Note that “Follow Mode” has nothing at all to do with tracking a face or other subject. This mode is perhaps the most often used.

In Tilt Lock mode, which should have been called 'Tilt and Horizon Lock' mode (except that's too long) the camera behaves the same as in Follow mode (horizon always straight) but in addition, the gimbal will point ahead in one direction. If you move the handle, you won't be able to point the camera up to the sky or down to your feet. You can set it to straight ahead using the 'recenter' option, and you can adjust it down to your feet or up to the sky using the little slider on the right side of the screen. It will then stay pointing at the sky or your feet (or anywhere between) regardless of handle movement.

In all these modes, it's always possible to pan the camera from side to side. If you want to lock that axis as well as the axes locked by Tilt Lock, you'll have to use the controller wheel accessory and hold down the right hand button on the controller. That makes the camera point in a constant direction, regardless of how you move the handle, thus preventing panning.

Controller buttons

  • Left button - switch between FPV, Follow, TiltLock modes (above)
  • Right button - Selfie mode


Osmo Pocket w/32GB card, case, software $319.00
Osmo Pocket w/32GB card, case, software $319.00
Osmo Pocket w/64GB card, case, software $329.00
Osmo Pocket w/64GB card, case, software $329.00
Part 13 Expansion Kit, (controller, holder, charging&wifi base, 32GB card) $86.99
Part 13 Expansion Kit (controller, holder, charging&wifi base, 32GB card, reader) $86.88
Osmo Pocket and Part 13 Expansion kit $377.00

Good Add-ons

Carrying case compatible with controller wheel $12.99
Gimbal protector cover $6.99
Silicone protective case, glass screen protector, strap $10.99
Silicone case protector $8.99

(Checked: Rakuten, Newegg, Amazon, Beach Camera, BestBuy, Microcenter, B&H)

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