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Refilling a Foaming Soap Dispenser On The Cheap

You have a foaming soap dispenser and it needs to be refilled. You can buy expensive refills, or you can use ordinary liquid hand-washing soap. Read on.

[[|"Spend with pennies" solution]]

  1. Choose soap. Anything, really, will do… body wash, hand soap, whatever you have on hand.
  2. Put water and soap into the container. (About 4/5th full of water and the other 5th soap for a 4:1 ratio water to soap.)
  3. Gently shake!
  4. You have foaming soap! Voila!

[[|"Instructables" solution]]

  1. Choose a soap. (They use an apple body wash.)
  2. Fill pump container with about 1/5 soap
  3. Fill to about 1“ from top with water. Add water slowly; you don't want to agitate the soap too much as the suds will make the job more difficult.
  4. Replace pump container top.
  5. Agitate, slowly or violently as you prefer, until the soap is “dissolved”

Need a new dispenser?

Amazon sells them. Search for “foaming soap dispenser”
Six with brush and labels for $8.98 as of this writing (8/31/2020)

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