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Sending large files

You have a file that's too large to send via email, maybe it's several GB in size. How can you send this, hopefully free?

Note, I don not guarantee the accuracy of this information as it changes over time.

File sending resources

NameSiteFreePaidTransfer expirationNotes
Transfer Now 100GB $10/mo7 daysWarning: as of 10/16/2023 and before I have experienced many failures and no successes using TransferNow to send or receive files and I recommend against using it.
Transfer XL 100GB $9.99/mo1 weekRecipient gets zip file.
We Transfer $10/mo7 days
Send Transfer onlymax 10 days
Send Big (PRO, free)free only1-30 daysneed to get free PRO else 5GB
Email Large File$4.95/mo files <2GB
$9.95/mo files<4GB
My Air Bridge<20GB, maybe 2GB unclearfiles<50GB €2.592-3 days
Transfer Big Files yes MB“Awesome” 20GB/file $8/mo5 days
Send Over 1TB yes TB7 days
Send Anywherehttps://send-anywhere.com10GB$5.99/mo 200GB, $9.99/mo 500GB live connection between your machines? Not tried.
pCloud Transfer via email or via link. No registration required. Ability to encrypt files (200MB/file limit)
Note: lacks encryption.
Send This Filehttps://sendthisfile.com50MB yes MB$5/mo (Standard) $10/mo (Business)7 daysRegistration required even for free. Paids remove file size limit, add 2 factor auth, and 14 or 30 day retention.
Thunderbird Sendhttps://send.vis.ee2.5GB 3 daysend to end encryption
You do not need to have the Thunderbird application
This was formerly Mozilla Send


  • 6/25/2023. Transferred files using both TransferNow and TransferXL. I found TransferXL was faster. TransferNow is having trouble uploading the 49MB of 35 files for some unknown reason.
  • See also for other send possibilities (I did not test these)
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