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Setting Digital Clocks

I have several digital clocks, here is how to set or change the time and parameters of each.

LED Digital Clock, DS-6628

Currently in smi livingroom


  • Two display modes: (1) Display time only, (2) Display time, date, and temperature in a cycle
  • Five brightness settings
  • Two alarms
  • Voice controlled wakeup
  • USB power with 3 AAA battery backup

General (Time) Settings

Start when showing time.

tap Sset 12h/24h mode+/-
tap Sset the HOUR +/-
tap Sset the MINUTE +/-
tap Sset the YEAR +/-
tap Sset the MONTH +/-
tap Sset the DAY +/-
tap Sswitch night mode+/-
tap Sexit setting mode

Display mode setting: long press '+' to switch display mode (1) time only, (2) cycle through time, date, temp
Temperature unit setting: long press '-' for F or C
Brightness adjustment: short press SNOOZE, cycling through brightness 1-5.
Night Mode: display switches to low brightness mode 22:00 - 06:00
Don't disturb mode: long press SNOOZE. Turns off display, turns off voice wake-up (voice wake-up when in battery-only mode). Press a key to exit.
Long press: is press-and-hold for 3 seconds

Alarm Settings

Start when showing time.
tap clock button:displays alarms (1) or (2) (switch between them)

  • Press +/- to set alarm on/off
  • Press S again to set alarm of the corresponding group
  • Tap +/- to set hour
  • Tap S, tap +/- to set minutes
  • Tap S, tap +/- to set frequency ('1-5' Mon-Fri, '1-6' Mon-Sat, '7' everyday)
  • Tap S, exit setting

When alarm sounds, tap any button to start snooze; long press SNOOZE to turn off alarm


Setting the time

Press and hold TIME button and then while keeping it pressed:

  • Tap HOUR button to advance the hour. PM indicator will light when in PM times.
  • Tap MIN button to advance the minute.
  • Release TIME button when correct time is showing

Setting the Alarm

  • Follow procedure for setting time, while holding ALARM button.
  • To use alarm, slide ALARM ON/OFF button to ON or OFF. Alarm indicator dot is visible when alarm is ON.
  • When alarm sounds, press SNOOZE to stop alarm for 9 minutes.

Battery Backup

Uses 2 AAA batteries. When power is out, ALARM and TIME settings are retained; display is off; and alarm will sound if set.

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