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Shipping Stuff

A growing collection of hints and information to use when shipping things from one place to another. Including both domestic and international shipping.


This from Tushar relating to shipping internationally (9/20/2023).

  1. Create a simple, non-business personal, account for yourself on USPS, UPS, Fedex, and DHL.
  2. Determine the size and weight of the package you want to send. Have on hand the destination address.
  3. Visit each site and price shipping to the destination.


  • Pricing varies a lot
  • Also consider time to destination. USPS Priority Mail is ~3 days, other services may be cheaper and take 10 days to get there.
  • DHL may be cheapest for international
  • A bonus for creating your personal accounts is that you get notifications when someone ships something to you

A domestic pricing example, October 2023:
Shipping a 7 pound 12x12x12 inch box from Boston to San Francisco: is cheapest on USPS (around $25) and UPS (around $30). Fedex is $44. I found DHL's cheapest rate to be $181.

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