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Smart TV Annoyances

Your TV Is Spying on you

From Kim Komando 1/21/2023 link
There is much more information on her page than I've digested here.

You may be able to stop it from spying. TVs use Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) that recognizes what you are seeing or playing on your TV.


If yours uses Vizio Internet Apps (VIA), go to the TV's System > Reset & Admin > Smart Interactivity > Off
If yours uses the newer SmartCast system, go to System > Reset & Admin > Viewing Data > and toggle it to Off


Newer sets: Settings > Support > scroll to Terms & Policies, where yo uycan turn off Viewing Information Services (Samsung's ACR), Internet-based Advertising, and Voice Recognition services.
Older sets: Smart Hub menu > Settings > Support > look for Terms & Policy > then disable SyncPlus and Marketing; and also Voice Recognition services.

Note that turning off Voice Recognition will disable its voice commands.


Settings > All Settings > scroll down to General > scroll down to Live Plus > toggle it Off.
To turn off other forms of data collection: Settings > All Settings > scroll down to General > About This TV > User Agreements > toggle Personalized Advertising to Off.

Fire, Roku, Samba TVs

See Kim Komando's tech tip that discusses them.

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