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Technology Items to Consider When Traveling

The example products I'm showing from Amazon will help you see what I'm suggesting. However as products come and go and prices change, it is worth searching in addition.

Whatsit Why Example
video camera Osmo Pocket, small and inconspicuous
connects to iPhone or Android phone
128GB micro SD cardFor recording lots of video on Osmo
Silicone protector for Osmoprovides a strap and is more secure to hold
HDMI cable so you can connect your computer to a hotel room TV
HDMI connectors so you can plug two HDMI cables together to go further
Portable door lock so you can lock doors to prevent those with keys from getting in.
Works in homes, doesn't fit in all hotels.
Securely carry small devices, etc
isn't counted as an airplane carry-on
Travel pill organizer10 compartments for all sorts of pills
easy to carry
VPN serviceProvides secure Internet access, free from prying eavesdroppers
use on all of your devices
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