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Britain, Ireland, Scotland Tour -- Collette, Sept-Oct 2019

Welcome to a collection of pictures, videos, and related files that you have sent me or that I have prepared for you. Please feel free to contribute your pictures or videos, just send them to me ( and I will post them here for you; if you put them elsewhere (e.g., a photo site, YouTube, or somewhere else) just send me the link and I'll include it here.

  • I think we'd all prefer if you could curate your photos & videos so that we have a reasonable number of them (can you pick the best ones?)
  • Send them to me via email; use multiple messages if needed. Or we can arrange a way for you to upload them en-masse using something called FTP, if you want to try this let me know and I'll work with you.

The recipes from the cooking class


Marvin's pictures from our farewell dinner on October 10, 2019 (note, these are hosted on my personal site and is not publicly available.)


Tips for This and Future Tours

  • Bring raincoat with hood, maybe umbrella
  • Determine temperature ranges throughout the tour to know what clothing to bring (and what to leave at home)
  • Research SIM cards. Which provider(s) are best (we used EE in UK because my research showed EE is widely available, which was the case for most of the trip, and 1GB data, 250 calls, unlimited texts cost 10 pounds; but did not work when calling some numbers so maybe look into an international SIM), and for our tour the options were available a short walk from the hotel; most phones except Verizon use GSM so SIMs can be purchased and phones used in UK/EU
  • Maybe 2nd set footwear in case first gets wet
  • Don't bring lots of clothing, you can wash (rinse) and dry clothing during the 2-night stay hotels
  • If you bring reusable water bottles then you can refill them at breakfast and/or buy big water bottles and refill them
  • Bring an extra memory card for your camera(s) and bring extra batteries (rechargeable ones can charge overnight)
  • Bring Dramamine or similar in case you may have motion sickness (also Tylenol or Aspirin for possible headaches)
  • Determine if all electric devices work with 220V 50Hz and bring adapter(s); if some require 120V bring converter(s)
  • First day of arrival in a new time zone, stay up till 10pm at least and drink plenty of water – this will help you adjust to the new timezone faster

technical details

Feel free to skip this or read it if you're interested in what goes on behind the curtains.

I've left the MS Windows world and I'm using Apple MacBook now, running Mojave.
I'm using Doku Wiki (free) to support the wiki site, using my Dreamhost ISP and domains that I've purchased.
I use DaVinci Resolve to edit my videos. While I'm using a MacBook to do this, Resolve is also available for Windows and Linux. And it's free (and it works better than some paid-for software I was using on Windows).
I'm trying new software for processing pictures to a website, it's called jAlbum and so far it's working ok (do you agree?). It's free for 30 days, so either I'll stop then, find a free replacement, or pay the money, I'm not sure yet. If you have a tool that you use to publish your pictures, I'd like to know, thanks.

I am always interested in hearing your suggestions or answering your questions or concerns on any of this.
Steve Isenberg

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