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Zoom Handy Recorder H1

ref: Note that this unit has been discontinued, and replaced with the H1n and H1n-VP.

Setting Date & Time

  1. While pressing the red record button, turn the power on.1)
  2. Use the « and » buttons to set the month.
  3. Press >/|| to move to day.
  4. Repeat preceding 2 steps to set values for day, year, and time.
  5. Press red record button to return to the previous item.
  6. After setting the last item, press >/|| to finish.

Formatting MicroSD cards

If a microSD card that is not properly formatted is inserted into the unit, the screen shows ForMAt PrESS

  1. Press the red record button to format the card.
  2. Home screen appears after the card is formatted.

You can also get to this screen and reformat a MicroSD card by pressing the trash button while turning the power on.

Turn device on/off

Slide the power switch down for about 1 second to turn device on or off.

Change bitrate for recording

Select MP3 or WAV format (switch in back. I use MP3.)
Use » or « to select bitrate. Then press red button.

Bit rate I'll use for voice: 192
Bit rate I'll use when recording music: 320

Playing back a recording

  • Press “>/||” to play the last recorded file
  • Press « » during playback to select file
  • Press >/|| to pause/resume
  • Press red button to return to home screen

Delete recorded audio files

  • Press trashcan button during playback of file you want to delete
  • Press red button to confirm; press >/||, «, » to cancel deletion

To use as micro card reader

  1. Power off
  2. Connect to WinPC or Mac using USB cable
  3. Power on
    • To use as MicroSD card reader, press red button while “CArd” is displayed
    • To use as Audio interface, press red button while “AUdIo” is displayed
    • If you do neither, MicroSD card reader is selected
Slide the power switch down for about 1 second.
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