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BNUG Videos

A list of videos published on BNUG meetings. For a list of meetings over the last two decades, see the listing of past meetings

Meeting dateLinkSlides
2022 Oct 11Password Managers - Steve Isenberg, Drew King, Adam FrostSteve's presentation
2022 Sept 6Librarians, Data, and Computers - Catherine Pomiecki
2022 Aug 02Using Databases In Social Actions - Rob Kerth
2022 March 01Virtual Machines - Andy Syrewicze
2022 Feb 01Virtual machine usage live in a lab environment - Andy Syrewicze
2021 Jun 01Searches and Boston Public Library
2021 May 04Why Video? – Darrin Fitzgerald
2021 April 06Small Business ecosystems – Britton Nicolson
2021 March 02DaVinci Resolve Demonstration – Steve Isenberg
2021 February 02Website Security and Marketing, plus WordPress – Carol Scalzo
2021 January 05Technology Journalism – Lauren Goode
2020 December 08Data Safety in a Hospital Setting – David Weinstein
2020 November 10Data Streaming and YouTube (video being produced by Touring New England)
2020 October 06Discussing the Right-To-Repair bill
2020 September 08Whole House VPNs, Chromebooks – Drew King
2020 August 04The Basics of Bookkeeping – Martin Kadansky
2020 July 14Tools for Business – Adam Frost leads a discussion of tools used by computer support
Working Safely While Supporting Technology A discussion of ways we're working safely in today's world
2020 June 02Mainframe History -- Norm Stembridge
Intel Technology Update -- Jeff Katz
2020 May 05Network Attached Storage (by Synology) -- Jeff Katz
2020 April 7Computer Safety during a Pandemic Apologies for blurred visual
2020 Feb 04A Website Primer
A Short History of BNUG on the group's 33rd anniversary in December, 2019
2020 Jan 07Case Study of Remote Access
2019 Dec 10Success Stories and Overcoming Issues
2019 Nov 05Demos and more on managing VM systems with Nutanix
2019 Sept 10Nutanix for virtual machine infrastructures
2019 Aug 06Net Neutrality discussion
2019 July 16Linux for the Unconvinced
2019 Jun 04Two Bits and a Byte Robotics Overview
2019 Apr 02Getting Started with WordPress
2019 Mar 05Tough Moments in Computer Consulting
2019 Feb 05Office Suite Solutions
2019 Jan 08Creating and Publishing a Website
2018 Dec 04LHS Parity Bits (robotics) presentation
2018 Dec 04Internet of Thingsslides
2018 Sep 11Office Tools
2018 Jul 10Ransomware and Malware
2018 Jun 05Architecting Better Security with Cisco
2018 May 01NetApp - Data Management at Enterprise Scale
2018 Apr 03A Guide to Business and Succession Issues
2018 Jan 16Who's Afraid of the Big Bad AI? (Artificial Intelligence won't bite you!)
2017 Dec 05Cloud managed access points (Cisco Meraki)
2017 Nov 07SANs, Hyperconverged and Software Defined Infrastructure - John Shedlosky, Datrium
2017 Sept 12Object Storage and Amazon's S3 Offering - Thomas Hazel, Chaos Sumo
2017 July 11DIY Edge Routers and more - Paul Braren, Tinker Tryslides
2017 Jun 06What is DNS - Adam Frost (partial presentation)
2017 May 02Shared use of data across sites - Dan Capello, Nasuni
2017 Apr 04Office 365 - Dimitri Ayrapetov, TrnDigital
2017 Mar 07Cisco Adaptive Security Applianceslides notes
2016 Jun 07Computer Forensics
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