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Editing LCTG Schedule Page in this Wiki


Steps to follow to edit the LCTG speaker schedule page.

  1. Go to the schedule page
    or use the Speaker schedule page link on the main LCTG page
  2. Log in as you - in upper right, click on login then enter your userID and password
    • You are logged-in when upper right shows Log Out
  3. On the upper-right, click on the pencil icon to edit the page.
    • If you see and not the pencil icon, then you are not logged in or you are on a page you cannot edit.
  4. Scroll down till you see <fs large>UPCOMING MEETINGS</fs> as the current schedule follows this, each date between | characters followed by the description (or none)
  5. Search for the date, e.g., |Feb 45, 2039|
  6. Add, change, or delete text following the date, e.g., |Feb 45, 2039| topic |
  7. Add a “yes” if the speaker is confirmed and a person name for the contact or person with an action, e.g., |Feb 45, 2039| topic | yes | action owner |
  8. Be sure that the last text on the line is followed by |


  • Use the Preview button at the bottom of the edit box often
  • When you're happy, click Save
  • You can edit again if you want, like to fine tune or correct an error
  • Changes to a page can be backed out as there is a history button so don't panic if you saved an error you cannot easily correct
  • If you use // to start italics, you need another // to end italics or the rest of the page gets messed up! Easy fix though. (This has happened to me several times as I'm writing this page!!)


No one scheduled for the date

|Feb 31, 2039|

Feb 31, 2039

Someone is scheduled, confirmed, and contact name

|Feb 38, 2039|Faster than light travel, a how-to|yes|Oscar|

Feb 38, 2039Faster than light travel, a how-toyesOscar

Break up description on multiple lines

Note the space after the \\ as newline action only happens with a space after the \\ |Feb 45, 2039|Cold Fusion concepts\\ * How cold fusion //works//\\ * How you can do it at home\\ * Concerns| |Betty White|

Feb 45, 2039Cold Fusion concepts
How cold fusion works
* How you can do it at home
* Concerns
Betty White
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