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Presenting to the group with Zoomnot ready for prime time: [using ppt impress etc to present|Tips for using MS Powerpoint and LibreOffice Impress in your presentation]
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Upcoming 2021 Schedule

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Aug 4, 2021Seager exoplanet presentation (presented via Cary Liby and hosted by GeorgeBurnell) (1h5m)
Aug 11, 2021Planning meeting – we schedule upcoming meeting speakers and topics, using the in-the-works page. Meeting is open to everyone and the discussion is usually rather interesting.
Join us and help us choose our topics for future meetings.
Aug 18, 202110am Potpourri
Aug 25, 2021Archeology Jeffrey Rose (archeologist) in Israel (Stan Rose) John Rudy
Sept 1, 2021Freakonomics Best of Freakonomics an interview with Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, moderated by Faith Salie. Recorded at the 92nd Street Y on May 2015. (Peter Albin has link to 70min video)yes
Sept 8, 2021(RH day 2)
Sept 15, 2021Potpourri (YK eve)
Sept 22, 2021Dick Wagner CRISPR
Sept 29, 2021
Oct 6, 2021Nearly codeless programming (AKA “No Code Programming”); the concepts that are done for you by the system Harry
Oct 13, 2021
Oct 20, 2021
Oct 27, 2021
Nov 3, 2021
Nov 10, 2021
Nov 17, 2021
Nov 24, 2021Day before Thanksgiving
Dec 1, 2021
Dec 8, 2021
Dec 15, 2021
Dec 22, 2021
Dec 29, 2021(Meeting rescheduled from April 1)
* Newest Time Travel technologies. Can we just travel forward in time, or can we go back and forward in time? A how-to with practical demonstrations.
* Instantaneous Travel. (Another way to save time.) How to go from place A to place B immediately. Now you can have Breakfast in Brussels, Lunch in Las Vegas, Supper in Sydney. (If pandemic allows, we could go to a beerfest at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich for an early dinner; reservations would be required.)
* Ice Cold Fusion. Keep your drinks cold as you generate enough power to supply your house–drop off the power grid, as you sip.
* Levitation: Usage and Practical Considerations. Getting up in the world easily. Having trouble climbing stairs? No longer.
* Applying Lucid Dreaming techniques. If you don't like the way things are, you can change the past, present, and future with a dream. (see: The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. LeGuin, guy finds out that his dreams can alter reality.)
* Portable miniaturized HVAC. Heating and air conditioning in your pocket, stay warm on the coldest days, stay cool on the hottest days. Be the envy of your friends. How to build your own portable HVAC using materials around your house and some Thorium you can buy at the drug store.

We are seeking speakers for the topics, let us know if you can speak on any or if you know someone who can.
Note that we may not have enough time for all of these topics…then again, if we use the first one, we might.

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