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Presenting to the group with Zoomnot ready for prime time: [using ppt impress etc to present|Tips for using MS Powerpoint and LibreOffice Impress in your presentation]
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Upcoming 2022 Schedule

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July 20, 2022The Code Breaker: A Conversation with Jennifer Doudna [50m]link(smi downloaded this)yes
July 27, 2022History of Missions to Mars (George Gamota)
Video from JPL/NASA Documentary Series, we saw episode #4, The Changing Face of Mars
We showed these “Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech” according to their Permission to use
August 3, 2022Quantum Basics part III (Charles Holbrow)yes
August 10, 2022Ukraine: The Real Truth (George Gamota)
watch the presentation
August 17, 2022Weather Models (Matt Belk)yes (Bill)
August 24, 2022Potpourrri
Maybe some videos like
“Quantum Computers in 5 levels of difficulty” [28m]
“Math of weight loss” [22m]
“The success Paradox” [12m]
“25 Chemistry Experiments” [16]
or pair of videos “Why electrons spin” and “Why electrons don't spin” by the same guy (sounds like he can't make up his mind?)[38m]
August 31, 2022Fusion part II (Ted Kochanski)yes
Sept 7, 2022Personal Stories, potentially including:
* Alan Millner
* Michael Harris
* Dan Kleppner
Sept 14, 2022Mega Planning Meeting! smi: Share using Opera left monitor, Edit using Chrome right monitor
Sept 21, 2022Gravitational Wave Astronomy (LIGO) – some future, and a little pedagogy about the field. Rainer Weiss (via Charlie Holbrow)yes
Sept 28, 2022Prion Diseases, electro biology, Broad Institute Youtube available, Dick Wagner to expandyes
Oct 5, 2022Yom Kippur The Jewish Day of Fasting and Repentance. (No meeting)
Oct 12, 2022Windows 11: Is it time to move to Win 11? Feature Update. (tentative topic) (Drew King)
Windows Must-Haves (important applications and tools) and maybe MacOS must-haves (Peter Albin)
Oct 19, 2022Potpourrie Pottpourri
Oct 26, 2022The project to generate oxygen on Mars surface (Mike Hecht/Lincoln Labs)
Nov 2, 2022Machine Learning (Henry Morris) JohnR
Nov 9, 2022Facial Recognition John R
Nov 16, 2022
Nov 23, 2022day before thanksgiving
Taking Advantage of Those Wild Turkeys in your neighborhood for Fun, Profit, and Dinner (Wm Bradford jr)
or likely no meeting
Nov 30, 2022
Dec 7, 2022
Dec 14, 2022Machine Learning Applications (Henry Morris)
Machine learning, a key technology of artificial intelligence, is being applied to a wide range of decisions across many industries and disciplines. This talk defines machine learning and then presents examples of its application to drive predictions in fields such as medicine, fashion, law, real estate, and human resources (employee hiring). The adoption of these applications is changing the workplace while also raising concerns of bias and fairness. Henry Morris, co-author of Augmented Intelligence: The Business Power of Human-Machine Collaboration, will address these points in his presentation.
Dec 21, 2022
Dec 28, 2022between Christmas and New Years
How Santa Makes All Those Toys and Gets Them to the Right Children: a Study in Fund-raising, Manufacturing Efficiency, and Widespread Distribution (E. Scrooge III)
or possibly no meeting
Jan 4, 2023

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