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Presenting to the group with Zoomnot ready for prime time: [using ppt impress etc to present|Tips for using MS Powerpoint and LibreOffice Impress in your presentation]
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LCTG Schedule


July 24, 2024Fusion Update (TedK)yes
July 31, 2024Old Technology 1968-1994 (JohnRudy is lead; send note to group)
August 7, 2024Bob Metcalfe talk: Connectivity is the Thing (62m; on smi's M)
August 14, 2024WinGet - Windows Package Manager (Drew)
August 21, 2024Alarm systems you can buy/rent and the systems and webcams you can install yourself. How they work, best choices, etc.(Jonathan Levis) JohnR
August 28, 2024Euclid Telescope (JerryS & BarryK)(Dr Becky vids)
September 4, 2024Potpourri
September 11, 2024Quantum Computing (Vladan Vuletic, Dept. of Physics, MIT)
Are quantum computers possible? And if yes, what will we be able to do with them (and when can I buy one)? Vladan will discuss the state of the art in quantum computing, with particular focus on neutral-atom quantum computing based on atoms in Rydberg states.
DanK, Peter
September 18, 2024Space Update (George Gamota) Peter
September 25, 2024GASP Planning session (Gigantic Allhands Scheduling and Planning)
October 2, 2024NAS (Network Attached Storage) and Docker Apps. Plex server. (Drew)
October 9, 2024Inspiring the next generation: Women’s Technology Program in Mechanical Engineering at M.I.T. (Barbara Hughey) DanK, PeterA
October 16, 2024Tech for Senior(s) Topic(s) Peter & Drew (finders), SteveI(editor)
October 23, 2024Potpourri
October 30, 2024Talks at Google (Peter lead)
November 6, 2024
November 13, 2024
November 20, 2024
November 27, 2024day before Thanksgiving
December 4, 2024Potpourri
December 11, 2024GASP Planning session (Gigantic Allhands Scheduling and Planning)
December 18, 2024
December 25, 2024Christmas day
January 1, 2025New Year's Day
January 8, 2025
January 15, 2025
January 22, 2025
January 29, 2025

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Jan 3, 2024 We Will Have a Syncing Feeling: Using applications and files across platforms - a forum (Drew King, lead) chat messages
Jan 10, 2024LIDAR mapping with Dale Fried of 3DEO, hosted by Dan Kleppner chat messages . watch the presentation
For more information on the company and its technology, visit the 3DEO website at and their YouTube Channel
Jan 17, 2024Unifying Nature’s Laws: The State of String Theory.
Jan 24, 2024Videos played:
How does Starlink Satellite Internet Work?
Bill Gates talking with Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, about AI transforming education
Jan 31, 2024potpourri: Feynman: Fun to Imagine (67min) followed by luncheon at Bamboo in Bedford
Feb 7, 2024 Space Update (George Gamota) chat messages
Feb 14, 2024Nifty Smartphone apps. Like Seek; Shazam; Pedometer; etc. chat messages
Feb 21, 2024Nifty Smartphone Apps Part 2 chat messages
Feb 28, 2024More neat apps for phones and computers – and more (Adam Broun)
* several interesting apps from the useful to the idiotic: Authy (2-factor authentication); Arc Search (Browser with summarization); Windy (weather in depth); Rise (Sourdough baking); Can of Soup (silly pictures)
* Self-hosting, moving services away from Google and Apple to resources you can control yourself: Proxmox (virtual machines); OPNSense (router); Home Assistant (Home automation); Photoprism (photo management); NextCloud (file sharing and collaboration)
List of self-hosted apps:, Self hosted forum:
slides chat messages
Mar 6, 2024 potpourri
* "Watchroom", a short film by Noah Wagner on AI and Robotics. It'll make you think. (Dick Wagner)
* Android Apps (Drew) – continuing our topic of Interesting Apps from previous weeks. watch the presentation chat messages
Mar 13, 2024Sleep Deprivation (John Rudy) watch the presentation slides
What is Passkey and how does it work as compared to Passwords (Steve Isenberg) watch the presentation [ notes on passkey used during presentation ]
chat messages
Mar 20, 20242023 Nobel Prize in Medicine: mRNA (Harry Forsdick & Dick Wagner) watch the presentation
slides chat messages
The link to videos in the slides may not work; here are the links to videos included in the presentation:
How mRNA Vaccines Work
mRNA Vaccines Questions and Misconceptions
Announcement of the prize
TED talk, how mRNA medicine will change the world, Melissa J. Moore
Mar 27, 2024How the MIT museum has restructured itself to a Technology gateway to MIT
Moving and rediscovering the MIT Museum collection (4m) and Tour of the MIT Museum (49m) chat messages
Apr 3, 2024“The Science & Lore of Eclipses – Shadows in Space” a Road Scholar lecture chat messages
Apr 10, 20242023 Nobel Prize in Medicine - mRNA - Part 2
Apr 17, 2024Richard Feynman Lecture: "Los Alamos From Below" (1h18m)
Apr 24, 2024GASP Planning session (Gigantic Allhands Scheduling and Planning) chat messages
May 1, 2024Five Levels of Difficulty Day. Five levels of difficulty on:
Time: Brian Greene explains Time in 5 levels of difficulty
Wormholes: Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime
CRISPR: Explains CRISPR in 5 Levels of Difficulty
PickPocketing: 9 levels of pick-pocketing, easy to complex, from Wired mag
chat messages
May 8, 2024Inflammation Unmasked: Insights into its Physiology, Detection, and Treatment. (Jerry Harris, Rheumatologist)
slides . chat messages . watch the presentation
May 15, 2024Spacecraft Technology, the Design of the International Space Station, and Comparison of Technology in Spacecraft Over Time. Presented by Dr. Gary H Kitmacher from NASA Johnson Space Center. chat messages
May 22, 2024Potpourri: Check Washing 101
Your favorite apps and websites. Follow-up to meeting 2/14 slides
Eclipse photos (TedK) 15m [link to Ted's pictures - coming soon]
May 29, 2024Oppenheimer and the Institute for Advanced Study, presented by Dan Kleppner watch the presentation chat messages
June 5, 2024Selected talk(s) from Google
June 12, 2024Materials and Medicine - talk by Robert Langer, a replay of his presentation at Cary Library on May 28th.
Retro Technology: examples, how it/they work, how to use. Sliderule, rotary telephone, abacus, etc.
June 19, 20245G and 6G: 10-fold increase in top internet speeds. (TedK & BobP) 5G slides . chat messages
June 26, 2024YouTube topics on Quantum Mechanics: Sabina and others. (BarryK) Videos shown:
Don't fall for quantum hype
The Quantum Hype Bubble Is About To Burst
Quantum Computing with Light: The Breakthrough?
Quantum Computers cross 1000 Qubits Threshold! What does this mean?
It looks like AI will kill Quantum Computing
Bad News for Quantum Computing: Another Advantage Gone
Quantum Internet: No One Needs This
How to Detect Quantum Bullshit
July 3, 2024Potpourri
Considerations and specifications for your next computer slides . chat messages
July 10, 2024GASP Planning session (Gigantic Allhands Scheduling and Planning)
July 17, 2024Development of the Abiocor total artificial heart (Alan Millner)
The Abiocor total artificial heart developed by Abiomed, is an electro-hydraulic device implanted in a patient with the original damaged heart removed. It is self-contained with no tether to hospital equipment. chat messages . slides . watch the presentation

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