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Presenting to the group with Zoomnot ready for prime time: [using ppt impress etc to present|Tips for using MS Powerpoint and LibreOffice Impress in your presentation]
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LCTG Schedule

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Aug 30, 2023About excerpts from book: 2001 A Space Odyssey and its – and other – Science Fiction predictions (Barry Kort)chat messages
Sept 6, 2023 *GASP* Meeting (Gigantic Allhands Scheduling and Planning)chat messages
Sept 13, 2023Battery technology, battery development, and grid power storage (Ted K)
videos scheduled to be shown
How Batteries Work (19m) Massive Storage (7.5m) Renewable Energy Storage (19m)
not shown: The Battery Inside Out (48m)
chat messages TedK
Sept 20, 2023* Modulus Arithmetic (or, screwing up your perception of addition) (CharlieH) slides
* Scheduling discussion
chat messages
Sept 27, 2023RSV and Covid Update (Jerry Slate)
and if time remains…videos. Starting with uniform circular motion 18.5m introduced by our own Chares Holbrow.
and some shorts: large and small views in 3m perfect husband 1m What it really means, science comedian brian malow, TED talk 12m 7 into 28 (LouC) 3.5m New Office Math 1m
Oct 4, 2023Federal Government Efforts to meet American Housing Needs. Presented by David Stanley, retired CEO of Payless Cashways, Columbia Law School graduate and practitioner of law and finance in Minneapolis. He lives on a ranch in Montana and served on the Congressional Millennial Housing Commission in the year 2000.
Oct 11, 2023Update of what's happening in eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and technology. (George Gamota) yes
Oct 18, 2023Conor O'Mahony on Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and its use in ChatGPT, part 1 Details
Oct 25, 2023Conor O'Mahony on Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and its use in ChatGPT, part 2 Details
Nov 1, 2023Conor O'Mahony on Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and its use in ChatGPT, part 3 Details
Nov 8, 2023Chip manufacturing update (Dan Gamota)yes
Nov 15, 2023Potpourri
* New Windows release (Drew; tentative)
* RSV, what's it all about (Jerry Slate)
* and something else TBD
Nov 22, 2023No meeting, day before Thanksgiving or how to roast a turkey and study quantum mechanics at the same time
Nov 29, 2023Educational applications of AI (Can AI detect the use of AI by students?) (Ways to detect use of AI: no contractions, etc)
and another related topic which will be a surprise to us all
Dec 6, 2023 Hockney-Falco Thesis on the history of art (Harry) Harry
Dec 13, 2023*GASP* Meeting (Gigantic Allhands Scheduling and Planning)
Dec 20, 2023Potpourri
Dec 27, 2023No meeting because of the holidays
Jan 3, 2024 Using applications and files across platforms - a forum (Drew King, chair)
Jan 10, 2024Oppenheimer and the Institute for Advanced Study DanK
Jan 17, 2024Arthritis. Always a pain, but worth discussing and learning more about.(Jerry Harris/Bedford)
Jan 24, 2024How does Starlink Satellite Internet Work? (28m) and more Harry
Jan 31, 2024tentative: selected videos
Feb 7, 2024 Space Update (George Gamota)
Feb 14, 2024History and Practice of Heart Surgery and Medication (tentative speaker and data)JohnR
Feb 21, 2024
Feb 28, 2024
Mar 6, 2024
Mar 13, 2024
Mar 20, 2024
Mar 27, 2024
Apr 3, 2024
Apr 10, 2024
Apr 17, 2024
Apr 24, 2024
May 1, 2024
May 8, 2024
May 15, 2024
May 22, 2024
May 29, 2024

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