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Presenting to the group with Zoomnot ready for prime time: [using ppt impress etc to present|Tips for using MS Powerpoint and LibreOffice Impress in your presentation]
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Upcoming 2021 Schedule

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Sept 1, 2021Security Update – Lex Liby presentation on security by Bruce Schneier link (1h7m)yes
Sept 8, 2021Big Belly Recycling (Alex Gamota)
(From Alex:) “Have you wondered about the gray public waste bins located at Center Field, Lexington High School, or the Center? Or maybe you never noticed them?? They are Bigbelly smart waste stations! Since 2008, and some 65,000 smart waste stations in 55+ countries later, Bigbelly's smart waste solution has been helping cities and campuses transform public spaces and help reduce the carbon footprint associated with waste management by up to 80%. In this talk, you will learn about Bigbelly's patented solar powered compaction solution, its connected Cloud based operating system that streamline operations and collection efficiency, and about its recent offering, the Telebelly. The Telebelly expands the benefits of the ubiquitous Bigbelly platform to additionally host small cell and other information and communication technologies.
Alex Gamota is Senior Vice President & General Manager, Information & Communication Technologies
record ok
Sept 15, 2021Potpourri
* Adventures in Tiling the Plane (Ken Cutter) slides
* The Simplest Math Problem No one Can Solve – Collatz Conjecture video (22m)
* Rough Fractals video (17m)
Sept 22, 2021Margaret Geller: “Caught in the Cosmic Web”. Margaret made the first and several recent maps of the distribution of galaxies in the universe, showing that they are not distributed randomly in space but form interesting patterns that repeat on the largest scales. yes
will not be recorded
Sept 29, 2021What are Blockchains & How They work link (6m)(Larry Wittig)
What is a cryptographic hash function?
CryptoCurrency video (55m)
Oct 6, 2021Is There Intelligent Life Anywhere? (Howard Winkler) yes
Oct 13, 2021Potpourri
tech gifts (by: cost, category, knowledge level)
Oct 20, 2021Dick Wagner: CRISPR
The acronym “CRISPR” (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) has often been invoked when considering recent revolutionary genetic engineering advances. This presentation will be devoted to the origin of the term, its biological significance, and how further knowledge led to the expansion of the meaning of this term as well as its underlying processes in genetic engineering. Finally, Dick will discuss the potential of CRISPR for deriving further molecular biological information and uses from experimentation and analysis.
Oct 27, 2021 A NOVA on DaVinci (Peter- I’d love to get Nancy Alimansky to participate and comment on it –John Rudy) Peter
Nov 3, 2021Bretislav Friederich of the University of Berlin where he Professor of Physical Chemistry. He is also a highly accomplished historian of science. He has just published a chapter in a book on the history of chemical warfare, germ warfare and other such technologies. His article is on Fritz Haber and his role in inventing chemical warfare during WW1. Friederich will be at Harvard for the year on sabbatical. He is an excellent speaker. (He is a colleague of Daniel Kleppner who recommended him) click to see the abstract of the talk Dan Kleppner will fup yes/no and dates Dan Kleppner
Nov 10, 2021Potpourri
Nov 17, 2021Covid (and Variants) Update. Jerry Slate. Bob to email him
Nov 24, 2021Planning meeting or Video/Videos day (Day before Thanksgiving)
Dec 1, 2021The history of knee replacement and the technology behind it. Presented by Dr. Richard Scott (John Rudy) yes
Dec 8, 2021Planning/Steering Meeting
we schedule upcoming meeting speakers and topics, using the in-the-works page. Meeting is open to everyone and the discussion is usually rather interesting.
Join us and help us choose our topics for future meetings.
Dec 15, 2021The Glide “no-code” Application Development Environment (Harry Forsdick)
Nearly codeless programming (AKA “No Code Programming”); the concepts that are done for you by the system. This is an illustrated talk about and demonstration of the Glide “no-code” application development environment. Glide is representative of the possible future for (some) software development activities presented by a survivor from the early days of computer programming. read abstract
Dec 22, 2021Windows 11 Rollout (Cindy Bares) John to fup
Dec 29, 2021Linux. Use old PC. Loading it; what can you do with it; free software. (Bob Primak)

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