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Hybrid Meetings

Information pertaining to the LCTG's desire to move from a totally on-line (via Zoom) weekly meeting to provide for a hybrid meeting, which would allow people to attend either in-person (at Lexington Community Center, for example) and on-line (Zoom for example).

This is a work in progress and is not complete as of its last change: 2022.05.16 13:50.

The committee formed on 7/14/2021 consists of (in order I added them to my list), thank you for volunteering:

  • Steve Isenberg
  • Rich Moffitt
  • Bob Eckert
  • Peter Albin
  • Harry Forsdick
  • Bob Primak


  • Presentation is in-person
    • Presenter uses their computer to present
    • Presenter's computer is connected to Zoom
    • Presenter's computer is displayed on room's screen
      • This will show presentation, presenter video(maybe), and video of online attendees talking
    • Presentation is available to online attendees via presenter's zoom connection
  • Presentation is online
    • Show zoom meeting on room's screen
  • Attendees are online
  • Attendees are in-person
    • Attendee audio & video (when comment or ask question)

Challenges and Mitigations

Software bugs / usability issues preventing screen sharingAppoint a moderator to present material as a backup option
Mute / unmute issuesAppoint a moderator to mute / unmute participants as appropriate. Assign roles to participants (e.g. presenters vs. attendees)
Keeping on schedule with long meetingsModerators can present an agenda slide when speakers are not presenting. Make use of a meeting timer (e.g. BlueSky or share a window with a countdown timer)
Using social communication channelsConsider archiving meeting chats. Out of band channels (e.g. Slack / discord) that are not well integrated with the meeting tend to be underutilized during the meeting, but chat windows provided by the meeting client (Zoom / Teams / Webex chat box) are easily lost unless someone archives the conversation for future reference.


CapabilitySolutionExample EquipmentExample cost
Present in-room content and connect to online meetingLaptop (2014 model or later if possible)
Camera view of in-room presenterwebcam (on laptop or USB) ??
Capture audio of in-room presenterlavalier microphone / dynamic USB microphonewireless lavalier USB mic ($45
Camera view of in-room audience for online attendees
cheap: wide angle webcam (more expensive auto zoom conference cameras exist)
wide angle webcam ($50
Capture audio of whole room for online attendeesomnidirectional condenser microphone / room with built-in microphone arrayUSB microphone ($25
Capture audio of individual audience speakerLow / fair quality: omnidirectional condenser microphone. High quality: wireless microphone (to hand to participant when speaking)Wireless microphone ($40
Display online attendee view for in-room audiencein-room screen or portable LCD TV ??
Amplify audio of online attendees for in-room audiencepowered speakerlots of choices, portable Bluetooth / aux in speaker ($40
Switch between in-room presenter and audience video/audioSwitch sources in conferencing app during presentation or use 3rd party software (Manycam / OBS Studio). Can set “scene” buttons for easy switching or mix sources into a single feed free
Equipment stand
Portability / storage

System Requirements

  • Laptop should have multiple USB ports or use a USB hub
  • Laptop CPU should support Intel AVX2 instruction set (any machine after 2014 has this) for smoother video processing

Equipment possibilities

Setup Possibilities and Comments

From Steve Isenberg I've used a computer connected to a zoom meeting with two webcams and Manycam software. I would turn the cameras as needed during the presentation (to point towards person speaking) and switch cameras live (from presenter to speaking person) using the Manycam software. This provided a solution, but was manually intensive.

From Harry Forsdick I agree with the use of Zoom as a platform for both presentation of material as well as for group interactions. Not sure if we have a strongly moderated meeting where leader recognized speakers wishing to talk we can't use Zoom's normal speaker is spotlighted mechanism to replace manycam which as you say requires a lot of work to manage.

From Rich Moffitt a possible configuration diagram

configuration diagram

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