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Video Project Planning

You want to produce a video (program) to document something. Here are some questions to help direct your thoughts and to plan for what is needed to be done at various stages. It is important to think about what you want to accomplish and the time required.

I've been adding some comments relating to documenting a temple that is closing its doors soon, as an example of what might go into a project like this.


What is the goal of the project? What do you want to end up with?

Who will be the audience, who is expected to be viewing the result?

Who is the “stakeholder,” the person(people) who will approve the result? (Will they be available during the project execution to consult with or review progress?)


Does the project have a budget, and what does it cover?

How will spending be managed?


What is the timing of the project? (When will work start and when is the deadline for it to be completed?)

Execution (recording)

Each person whose image (video) or speaking (sound) must sign a release form, like this sample. This is to protect against later invasion-of-privacy claims.

Who will find and qualify the people to interview?

Who will schedule & coordinate the interviews?

Who will prepare a list of questions to be asked during the interview? (review beforehand with person being interviewed) Here are suggested questions:

  • How did you learn about the temple
  • Why did you choose to join the temple, what about the temple influenced your decision
  • In what ways has your membership in the temple helped you
  • What did/do you like best about this temple
  • Did you get involved in the activities of the temple, which one(s)
  • Do you want to identify any temple members that you found especially friendly/helpful/supporting; describe what they did

Who will be doing the interviewing?

How will interviewing be done?

  • Remotely (using Zoom or similar)?
  • In-person? (where, equipment, equipment transportation, site prep & breakdown, etc. COVID accommodations? Camera operators.)

Who will monitor and manage the recording of the interview? (Lighting, framing, sound, eliminate background noise & distractions, start/stop recording)


What is the format of the result?

  • Organize by person or by question/topic?
    • Person by person: person 1 talks; person 2 talks; person 3 talks; etc
    • Question by question: question 1 (person 1 answer, person 2 answer…); question 2 (person 1 answer, person 3 answer, …)
    • Group talking together

Is there additional material to use in the program

  • B-Roll (video playing in the background for part of the program)
  • Photos (to present during the program)
  • A-Roll (primary program material)

Editing equipment - what is available


  • Editor
  • Editing consultant
  • Reviewer


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