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Vital Tools Connect is a support group provided by Computer Care and Learning, a nonprofit charitable organization.
CCAL has an internship program; some information about it is being prepared here

2023 08-16 clinic class notes

The Marcia Mac Computer Sound Problem

The problem: when doing Zoom or Google Meet, Marcia’s sound has been turning off. Note that Marcia is using a Mac computer (not Windows).

  • First remedy: Go to speaker icon in upper right mac menu. This controls the internal speaker (such as its volume). It may be gray with a line through it. Click on it, and move the volume slider to the right. Make sure internal speaker is lit up in blue or selected with a checkmark.
    • If this does not work, we need to find another source of this problem.
    • If it works, we still have a mystery: why is the volume going down?
  • If Marcia has sound problems this week, she will write down carefully what the problem is. Please be clear about the difference between the microphone volume (people hearing you) and the speaker volume (you hearing us).

For Mac users, there are keys on the Apple keyboard, F10=mute, F11=lower volume, F12=raise volume. If you are not hearing sound, it might be muted (if so press F10) or it might be too low (press F12 repeatedly to increase volume).

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