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This is a page for Bill to play with the Wiki.
This is a DokuWiki, available online for free and has many extensions. Feel free to look and play here, Bill!

If you log into the wiki (I've emailed you credentials) you can edit this page, you'll see a pencil on the upper right then you'll see what all this looks like inside the wiki and you can edit it, you can do whatever you want to try on this page. If you need help, you can study the syntax (like in blue above) or ask me, I've tried lots of things and I've added some extensions like ability to color text.

click to view a secret message

click to view a secret message

You can also hide text

  1. Create a numbered list
  2. Maybe create two
  • Create a starred list
  • or two
do thistry that
create a tablemaybe just like this one
centered right justified

little heading

Little old Headline
<color #ed1c24>Headline</color>
  1. Testing ordered list1
  2. Testing ordered list2
  3. Testing ordered list3
  4. Testing ordered list4
  5. Testing ordered list5
  • Unordered List Item
  • Unordered List Item
  • Unordered List Item

Italic Underlined text test.

Bill Quinn
one cell another cell
centered left justified
aaaaa bbbb 1
aaaaa column2 2
aaaaa afdsfa 3
aaaaa qrwrrqw 4
aaaaa qrwrrqw 5
aaaaa qrwrrqw 6
aaaaa qrwrrqw 7
aaaaa qrwrrqw 8
qrwrrqw 9
qrwrrqw 0
qrwrrqw 777777

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