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Lexington Computer and Technology Group

Group information

"official" group website – note that some meeting topics and dates there may be outdated
Yahoo! group home page Is our Yahoo! home page; scroll down to Group Description to obtain a list of planned events.
Meetings: The group meets weekly on Wednesdays, 10am at the Lexington Community Center, 39 Marrett Road, Lexington.

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Upcoming Meetings

A copy of information circulated by John

DateLink to Video(s)Slides/notes
March 27, 2019Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA) interview with Frank Heart
(who in 1969 led the team of BBN engineers that created the ARPANET.
And popourri including Y2K (what was it, why did it happen, was it real)
April 3, 2019Showing the 2014 AI movie Ex Machina: A young programmer is selected to participate
in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic (artificial) intelligence (AI) by evaluating
the human qualities of a highly advanced humanoid. IMDB gave it a good score of 7.7
April 10, 2019Madame Curie and the Curie family, presented by Charlie Holbrow. Madame Curie and the Curie family will focus on her and her daughter and their characters and discoveries and how they fit into the sequence of dramatic developments in physics between the discovery of radioactivity in 1897 and the discovery of nuclear fission in 1938. This will include some description of Lise Meitner's role in these developments and a brief mention of why she didn't get a Nobel for the discovery of nuclear fission.
April 17, 2019
April 24, 2019
May 1, 2019

Past Meetings


DateLink to Video(s)Slides/notes
March 20, 2019George Gamota shows video "Journey through the Milky Way"
And relating to the end of the program, info on Detecting Dark Matter
New: Milky Way Bulge
March 13, 2019Password Managers
Slides (with links) for the presentation
Will your password stand up to a cracker?
Is your password or account info out on the web?
Related info
About Keeper Password Manager
Keeper website screenshots
March 6, 2019History of the World in 100 items. Presenting a representative sample of the 100-part series of 15 podcasts by Neil MacGregor during his time as Director of the British Museum that explores world history from 2 million years ago to the present. We listened to The Flood Tablet, Hebrew Astrolabe, and Ming Bank Note. British Museum site
BBC site
February 27, 2019George Gamota presents "2018 Space Events/Discoveries" plus 10 minute update on "Trump's Science Appointees"Space Update slides
Trump Science Appointees slides
February 20, 2019Charlie presents the first of 3 talks on quantum physics, today's subject is "why wave-particle duality makes such a disturbing theory necessary"Powerpoint slides
Wave Particle outline -- Why we need quantum mechanics
February 13, 2019Windows System Maintenance and Updating (Bob Primak) part 1PDF of Bob's slides
February 6, 2019The Power Grid (presented by Jackie Zajac)PDF of Jackie's slides
January 30, 20192019 lg Nobel awards ceremony (presenter Peter Albin)
Awards Ceremony Improbable Research home
“Research that makes people LAUGH and then THINK”
January 23, 2019Shown:
TED Talk String theory - Brian Greene
The greatest dance sequence ever
The best stats you've ever seen
The tyranny of the rocket equation
Not shown but of possible interest
TED Talk Why is our universe fine-tuned for life? - Brian Greene
10 Fascinating Examples of Unintended Consequences
January 16, 2019Mathematics of Weight Loss
10 Times Michio Kaku Arguments Blew Our Minds
TED Talk The freakonomics of McDonalds vs Drugs by Steve Levitt
January 9, 2019Michael Rosenblatt, MD on "Ways That Wartime Injuries Have Influenced Civilian Medical Practice"link to slides on Yahoo


Work in progress/upcoming

Charlie Holbrow's next two talks:
#2 What quantum mechanics says about the material world and about measurement;
#3 what of its properties make quantum theory of so much interest to cryptographers on whose work all secure data exchange and storage fundamental to individual privacy and national security now rely.
He says “My goal is to explain some basic quantum ideas that you need to understand quantum computing. Part I is about particles, waves, coherence, interference, and complementarity. Parts II and III are about quantum states, entanglement, no-cloning, quantum correlations, non-locality, Bell's theorem, and local realism.”

Software Maybe of Interest

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Work in progress


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