possible talk for Feb 2020

2020 BNUG February Meeting—A Business Website Primer

In this discussion, we’ll explore the core tasks of creating an effective website from scratch. We’ll ask and answer such questions as:

  * What is domain registration? How does it differ from web hosting?
  * What is an A record? What is a CNAME record?
  * How does DNS help people find your website?
  * What is an SSL certificate? Do I have to pay for it?
  * What is the connection between my domain name, my website and email?
  * What are the pros and cons about the different providers?
     > Dreamhost, Siteground, godaddy, 1and1, hostgator, others?
     > Private registration; subdomains; email forwarding; etc
  * Exploration of cpanel
  * Overview of HTML vs Wordpress vs a proprietary web builder
  * (And we're sure there's more stuff to discuss)
  * Demo of creating a website from idea to product


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Consider adding department heads

  • Food coordinator
  • Outreach coordinator/committee (bring in members)

For discussion, avoiding issues with Meetup

However, the web site shows an ethical issue: it asks people
to confirm attendance using an online dis-service, meetup.com.
It requires visitors to run nonfree Javascript code, and it
collects personal data, thus contributing to massive surveillance.
These are two of the things I would denounce in my talk,
See stallman.org/eventbrite.html, which also covers meetup.com.

I would feel hypcritical asking people to use meetup to come to
my talk.

Dr Richard Stallman
Chief GNUisance of the GNU Project (https://gnu.org)
Founder, Free Software Foundation (https://fsf.org)
Internet Hall-of-Famer (https://internethalloffame.org)

Adam to contact him and suggest we collect attendees not using meetup, instead have attendees send email to sign up. Or else not require anyone to RSVP.

Person speaking has serious ethical questions about meetup and thus we are not using meetup for signups. Instead send your RSVP to president@bnug.org; and come to the meeting to learn more about his concern and reasons for avoiding meetup.

Date Where Topic Presenter Video recording
Jan 7, 2020 MassBay [ok] Office tools discussion, comparing LogMeIn and RemotePC,
and comparing Password Management offerings
Adam to coordinate True Images
Jan 21, 2020 7:30pm Board meeting
Feb 4, 2020 Burlington [ok] A business website primer (see above)
plan for May election, ask people if interested in running for office and for supporting positions
True Images
Feb 11, 2020 8pm Board meeting (Adam to coordinate and run; smi cannot attend)
March 3, 2020 MassBay [ok] Exploring the power of YouTube: blogging, advertising, and downloading music, etc.
The history of YouTube.
Ask again for volunteers for group officers and supporting positions
SteveP & Adam need a volunteer
March –, 2020 7:30pm Board meeting
April 7, 2020 Burlington [ok] Discussion of HIPPA and 201 CMR 17
nominations of officers
April –, 2020 7:30pm Board meeting
May 5, 2020 MassBay [ok] Cloud based services
election of officers
Need a speaker!
May –, 2020 7:30pm Board meeting
June 2, 2020 Burlington ?
June –, 2020 7:30pm Board meeting
July 7, 2020 MassBay [ok]

Possible to have ham operator talk about packet radio (steveP) maybe this summer

May words

people need to be able to send stuff safely to each other, so there are different ways people cope with this, let's discuss ways to deal with this safely and securely.
People aren't complying with since it's difficult to do.
Using key encryption, encryption using acrobat and winzip
Raise consciousness about “wishful encryption”

June words

[Evie]Contact Rho about meeting contents - following is tentative
TENTATIVE: How teaching robots to function, then demo this (“I'm a Microsoft proponent” for example). Technical details on design and program robots.
We'd like to see the code and learn how it does this and that to the robot.

May 7, 2019 MassBay W314 Secure Messaging - how to send docs and files to others safely
Signage (Adam)
Videotaping (might not happen)
[Adam]Meeting summary
(discussion) steve, evie, glenn unavailable
June 4, 2019 Burlington [Evie]followup with them
[Evie]Come up with paragraph description
2 Bits and a Byte Robotic Team Presents
Kevin Rho [kevinrho51@gmail.com],
Kriti Moogala [20moogala@lexingtonma.org]
July 16, 2019 MassBay Linux for the Unconvinced Dick Miller
July 30 8:30pm online board meeting
Aug 6, 2019 Burlington Net Neutrality discussion led by Adam
Aug 20, 2019 online board meeting 7:30pm
Sep 10, 2019 MassBay [ok] Nutanix Community Edition demo Jeff Katz True Images
Sep 24, 2019 7:30pm Board meeting
Oct 1, 2019 Burlington [ok] Remote Access discussion Adam none
Oct 22, 2019 8:30pm Board meeting note change in time
Nov 5, 2019 MassBay [ok] Nutanix part 2 Jeff Katz True Images
Nov 26, 2019 8:30pm Board meeting
Dec 10, 2019 ok Burlington [ok] Showcasing technical success stories in helping customers or yourself;
details of the problem and steps you took to solve it.
False starts and wrong turns, how you stumbled and regained your balance.
Adam will lead True Images
Dec 17, 2019 7:30pm Board meeting
Apr 2, 2019MassBayWordpress by an expertKim Redington
Mar 5, 2019MassBay“The Challenging Job of Computer Consulting”
those difficult moments we've encountered as computer helpers,
and how we've dealt with them.
Panel led by Adam
Feb 5, 2019Microsoft BurlingtonOffice softwareDan Stoltz is MS contact
Jan 8, 2019MassBayCreating a website step-by-step
GoDaddy website create, and getting infrastructure
Adam Frost & Steve Provost
Dec 4, 2018Microsoft Burlington* Internet of Things, etc
* Lex Robotics Girls Club
Bob Primak
Lex Robot Club
Nov 13, 2018MassBayExploring Switch Technology using Cisco and Dell SwitchesGlenn
Oct 2, 2018MassBayOffice Tools part 2
Sept 11, 2018MassBayOffice Tools Adam
August 2018 no meeting
TopicCompanywho's on itscheduled datenotes
FortinetJerry pending
Solar WindsJerry pending
Cisco Lab TourMassBay/TonyAdamJanuary 2019?
ODBOrganizers DatabaseAdam
Barcodes Adam [adam]someone he met on the plane, will see if he can arrange w/them
PCMevie via VTUG July2018
Iron Mountainevie via VTUG July2018
Arubaevie via VTUG July2018
Building a websitepro & con of companies
  • Lab training proposed by Glenn
    • Is there enough interest in BNUG membership to run one of these?
    • Where could we run this?
      • [steve-glenn]Should we see if MassBay can host this? (would need a classroom we can use & secure for two+ whole days); if acceptable I(steve) can check w/Tony.
      • (Could use Lexington Community Center but would need to give them % of profits and might have difficulty scheduling the event as they are a busy center!)
      • [glenn]Could Microsoft Burlington host this?
      • Other places?

If you are an exec board member and you would like a login to make changes here, let me (Steve) know.

Meeting intentNot sales. Technology. Show yourself (company) as an expert in a given space by describing it to our attendees; give your software/equipment as an example.
Who goes to our meetings?a combination of end-users, company IT support engineers, students at MassBay, and more
Benefits of presentingMeet face-to-face potential users/promoters of your product/software. Promotion by way of video taken and posted for others to see and for you to use.
Where can I find more info?See BNUG website http://bnug.org/speaker-info.html

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