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This is a place to add your ideas. (See also bnug_board)
To add an idea, click the pencil on the right.

Please sign, and follow each idea with a blank line.
Please list your wishes for wonderful meetings:

Feb 5 2019 meeting at Microsoft

“Suite offerings”

G-Suite, Office 365, and other options, including Doku, which lets you share without Google or Microsoft sucking up your personal and business information

Please join us for a lively discussion about the main programs people are using in offices today: Google's G-Suite, Office 365, and open source options, like Thunderbird and Libre Office. We will compare strengths and weaknesses, hazards and costs. We will also discuss security and administration challenges. We encourage you to bring your stories and ideas about these programs to enrich the discussion. Adam offering ride from Forest Hills

March 5th meeting at Mass Bay:

This is Hard Work: Difficult moments in computer consulting:

Please join us for a discussion of the many challenges computer helpers encounter, as they assist organizations, solo practices, and individuals and families. Please come and share your stories, and we'll give each sympathy and practical ideas for the next time.

April 2 meeting at Microsoft

Wordpress or remote access

May 7 meeting at MassBay

Steve tentatively will present on blockchain, and hand out bitcoins for everyone
Alternate: remote access comparison
OR Virtual Credit Cards, Space Elevators

June 4 meeting at Microsoft

Doku with Steve

July 9 at MassBay

Security of IOT

other stuff

Adam: Computers and Health
Adam: Knows guy who can talk about virtual machines as a programmer.

Evie: Create Your Own Website (idea, need speaker)

Steve Provost suggests having Microsoft come with their Robot, 3D printing

Charisse– working on Schneider Electric

Adam will talk with Mass Bay faculty about making time for students to come to BNUG

Talk on servers—Dan Stoltz? Charisse will call Dan

Continuous backup– cloud vs local–compare products– Adam can lead

January== Creating a website step by step

Later – more web issues…

Communicating with colleagues and customers on the web 

business transaction 

safety and security

practical demonstration

February--Dan Stolz presentation?

Steve I-- talk on Blockchain, and how does it work? 

Steve I-- talk on Quantum computing 

Projecting software-- financial (Evie?), global warming (climate game)

March (?) Dealing with flaws and bugs–when to update and when not to update? A strategy for updating (Charisse)

High school social media

Adam will reach out to Bruce Schneier and other speakers

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