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It's your turn! You need to give a presentation in a Zoom meeting. Here are some notes on how to do it.

In brief:
Join zoom meeting, start camera and unmute.  Start presentation, and Share it.

In a bit more detail and with the proverbial Numbered Steps.

How To Do A Presentation Using Zoom In N Easy Steps

  1. Connect to the Zoom meeting.
  2. Start Video.  (Click the camera icon with the red line through it) Make sure your camera is aimed at you the way you'd like it.
  3. Unmute (click the microphone with red line through it).  Say something, if you can't think what to say, say “something”.  Make sure the green on the microphone jumps when you speak.
    • (If it doesn't make sure the microphone icon doesn't have a red line through it.)
  4. Start your presentation software and get ready to show the slides, move to the first slide. 
    • Maybe you're using PowerPoint, maybe LibreOffice Presentation.
  5. Find the colored icon, it's actually a button, “Share Screen”.  Click it.
  6. Look at all dem choices!  Find the one that shows your presentation's first slide and says “PowerPoint” or “LibreOffice Presentation” or whatever you're using. 
    • You do not want to select a Desktop.  Select the one item in the matrix presented that's labeled with the application – powerpoint or libre office – that you're running.
  7. Now this step is important.  Your life will depend on it so pay close attention.\\  Find the “Share” button in the lower right corner.\\  Take a deep breath, hold it, and (gasp!) click the Share button.

Assuming you've survived these N=7 steps, you're good to go.Thank you for your attentiveness.

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